Why Every Toilet Should Have A Bidet

Despite the fact that there are a variety of benefits that come with using one, bidets are generally an unheard of accessory in America. Naturally, people don’t have much of an inclination to discuss how they do what they do in the bathroom, and more so when it comes to researching alternatives or improvements.

Luckily, bidets have slowly been rising in popularity thanks to a bit of marketing and the general push towards a clean and healthy lifestyle. The general consensus is that bidets are great, and most owners often express how they feel dirty not using one. However, skepticism would naturally exist around new concepts like these, so here are a few reasons why every toilet in your house should have a bidet.

Caring For The Environment

Around 54 million trees are cut down in the US annually to be turned into toilet paper. That turns into around three million tons of waste. The manufacturing process that goes with creating toilet paper is also quite wasteful, using 3.7 gallons of water per American per day to produce. Don’t forget the fuel and subsequent pollution that comes with transporting toilet paper to stores where even more resources are used.

Using a bidet will result in you consuming much less toilet paper, allowing you to do your part in saving the environment, while also saving yourself money in the long run. No more clogged toilets and storage space taken up by toilet paper rolls.

It’s Better For You

Dry toilet paper is naturally quite rough and can leave rashes, along with permanent damage to your skin. Certain conditions that occur in your nether regions can make using toilet paper a painful process. But with bidets, there is no pain at all. If anything, the stream of water (which is adjustable) provides a soothing effect.

Bidets are also a lot better at cleaning up and removing residue that would otherwise linger after using toilet paper. Many offer additional features such as a seat warmer and an air dryer. Seat warmers will make freezing winters a little less painful while an air dryer will further eliminate the need to use any toilet paper.

Everyone Else Uses It

If you’re still not convinced, here are some stats: In Venezuela and its neighbouring countries, up to 90% of toilets have bidets. They have slowly becoming popular in Europe and the Middle East as well. In Japan, around 60% of homes feature bidets. Why the US has been so slow to adopt the technology is a mystery, but it’s never too late to try. If you’re wondering whether your toilet can support one – most do – check out theplumbinginfo.com for some useful information.


It should be clear by now that the benefits outweigh the (usually low) cost. With a bidet, you can go from looking at using the toilet as a chore to enjoying it and making it a soothing and satisfying experience. You can also rest easy at night knowing that you’ve played your part in saving the environment and cutting down your monthly costs.


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