Will Online Gambling Make the Revolution

Times are changing. And they are changing fast! There is new technology coming up everyday and as the old adage says, “move with the times, or face redundancy”. This applies in all industries including the online gambling industry. The online gambling industry has existed for close to two decades. And for it to become, it had to revolutionize from the brick and mortar platforms to the online platform which has seen the market growth to be valued at $50 million.

But the revolution does not end. People are discovering better ways to get things done. More efficient ways through which people can access services and products, faster ways to get things done, safer ways to go about your business are being created everyday. It is only wise for every player in every industry to adapt or die.

Revolution in The Online Gambling Industry

Had someone told you that there would be an online gaming platform in 2017, you would have probably looked at them with an eye of wonder and asked them to get help. But here we are. With a fast-growing online gambling platform that’s only set to get bigger. But for this to happen, the players in this industry had to make decisions that seemed extreme, perhaps?  Since then, the following changes have continued to happen;

While playing in online casinos is a great experience and quite convenient since you need not go all the way to a brick and mortar casino to indulge, the experience is not quite like being seated in front of your favorite game waiting for the dealer to deal you a fresh pack of cards for your poker, or roll the dice for your roulette. And while this doesn’t sound like a big deal to some people, it is quite important to others. And while the market leaders in gaming software provision sat around soaking in their ‘achievements’, the industry underdogs were busy finding ways to make the online gaming experience more real.

Evolution game managed to take the gaming industry a step ahead with the live gaming option for the casinos. The industry big boys had to follow suit or risk losing clients. To truly experience the ‘live gaming’ the following factors would have to be taken care of;

    The punter would have to get a genuine feeling that they were sitting right across a live dealer.

    The player must have a sense that they game they were playing is fair and safe.

    The visual quality of the game has to be close to the real feel of someone looking right across another one.

The number of casinos that offer live gaming is still quite small. This revolution needs to be adapted or punters will move to casinos that truly care about giving near real experiences.

  •     Mobile Gaming

This is the fastest-growing aspect of the online gambling industry. Currently, 53% of the population that owns a smartphone plays online slot machines on it. It would, therefore, be a miscalculation (and a major one) if the gaming software providers did not work on making the casino accessible via mobile phones. And making a game that is compatible with the various operating systems has the following advantages;

    The accessibility of gambling games through the mobile and other handheld devices would mean that more people would play the casino games because they can access the game for even 10 minutes as they take a break, move from one point or another, or as they relax.

    The cost of creating websites that can be accessed through the mobile phone or apps for the smartphones is low.

    The constant update of the apps would result in a consistent outcome.

    The mobile phone options for the games have a replay feature which is more important than the graphics.

This is the newest player in the online platform. The introduction of the blockchains is about to change online gambling as we know it. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has seen a paradigm shift in the gambling industry. Cryptocurrencies are great because they have the advantage of maintaining the player’s anonymity, they are safer to work with since they are made and protected using military encryption. Using the cryptocurrency also helps eliminate third parties like banks and money transfer platforms making trading with either Bitcoin and Ethereum simpler and faster. Some casinos have begun accepting payment in Bitcoins as well as the other cryptocurrencies.

  •     Rise of Virtual reality

Virtual reality is when the digital platform is manipulated to create a virtual world in which players exist. Gaming providers are trying to create virtual realities for their games in order to give their clients a near real experience.

  •     Legalization of Online Gambling

Online gambling is restricted in many countries across the globe. However, this might change seeing that the industry is raking millions of dollars in revenue. There is no government that would not want to have a slice of this delicious cake. The fact that more people have access to the internet and this statistic will only go higher in the future means that the other governments will have to legalize this trade, in order to be able to properly control it, and earn the revenue.


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