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Two former U.S. Special Forces members, Airan Berry and Luke Denman, are in prison in Venezuela. They have been sentenced to twenty years in prison as a result of a military operation. The military operation in May was intended to put pressure on President Nicolas Maduro. There was a trial and a court handed down a sentence of twenty years. Venezuela’s attorney general announced the sentence on Twitter. The botched mission was called Operation Gideon.

There are historical anecdotes about military academies and tank driving schools in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez attended a tank driving school south of Caracas. There are additionally accounts about military academies in Maracay and Valencia. Caracas is a port on the Venezuelan Basin.

Venezuela and Bolivia trade in bolivar. They are the ‘Bolivar Republics’. Buenos Aires and Santiago trade in peso. Brasilia trades in a Portuguese money called the real. There have been reports about inflation in both Venezuela and Argentina. Simon Bolivar is a famous revolutionary from the nineteenth century.

It is possible that the Germans send military hardware to Caracas from the Gulf of Danzig. Lubeck, Germany is a port near Poland. The Gulf of Danzig is in Poland. Lubeck used to trade in East German mark. The Venezuelan military might generally use German-made weaponry. During the Falklands War in the 1980’s there were accounts about ordnance that did not explode. The shells were dropped from Argentinian planes but they were duds.

There are well known military academies in Argentina. Buenos Aires is a port on the Atlantic Ocean. Dresden, Germany is across the border from Prague, Czech Republic. There were dive bomber training schools in Dresden during the early twentieth century. Both Lubeck and Dresden were East German cities. There are also military academies in Berlin and Potsdam. Prague used to be in Czechoslovakia.

It is not well understood about the relationship between the military academies in Germany and the military academies in South America. Last month the German news reported on labor strikes. There might be relationships between Berlin and Buenos Aires that are rooted in organized labor.

Lviv, Ukraine serves as a regional hub for labor unions. There are likely prisons in Ukraine that have been upgraded with defense spending. It is controversial generally about organized labor and prison upgrades. The German security services might assist with these prison upgrades in Ukraine. There was a famous battle during the Second World War in Lviv.

Lviv is near the border with Poland. Warsaw trades in zloty. Labor leaders in Warsaw seem to manage trade through the Gulf of Danzig. Frankfurt is the German banking district. It is not clear about the future of the German economy. There are complaints about Right Wing politics in Germany.

Inflation in Venezuela might result from long distance trade through the Venezuelan Basin. The economy might improve if Caracas traded locally. There are reports about the energy industry in Venezuela. They seem to rely on foreigners to assist them with energy engineering. Earlier this year there were reports of an Iranian tanker that sailed to Caracas. It might be that there are labor leaders in Caracas that coordinate with organized labor in other countries.

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