German Colonialism in Virginian Defense Habits

Map of Virginia

Virginia is formally the Commonwealth of Virginia. Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and it sits on the James River. Arlington is in northern Virginia on the Potomac River. Jamestown was an early colony in Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay.

The Teamsters Union is an ethnically German labor union. A Teamster is a ‘car man’ or a ‘cart man’. Virginia has laws that are friendly toward labor unions. Of course, Jimmy Hoffa was a labor leader. He would sometimes visit Washington, DC but he was from the Midwest originally.

NATO is in the newspaper this month about the events in Ukraine. It has been suggested that NATO allows European countries to trade in the developing world. Perhaps, Frenchmen and Germans can now travel to Africa and East Asia by way of NATO. The Germans might export police radios to Taipei and Hong Kong, for example. The French might export items to Hanoi or Bangkok. It might be that Frenchmen and Germans have exported to Kiev weaponry and that explains the heightened tensions in Ukraine. Do the Ukrainians aim French-made and German-made weapons at Moscow? Do North Koreans test German-made missiles? Are there German-operated tank driving schools near Hanoi?

The Virginians might be vulnerable to these ideals from Paris and Berlin. French and German defense contractors might look to hire Virginians. The newspaper often reports about the targeted killing program and the detainee program. The targeted killing program might use French-made drones. The detainee program might use German-made prison technology. If the Virginians on their own are inclined to work for European defense firms, American defense policies will resemble European defense policies.

In Germany there are reports about right wingers within the police. In Virginia there might be right wingers who operate the surveillance hardware. Defense contractors are difficult to regulate. They would be secretive, and they would keep strange hours. The defense budget is sometimes hard to audit. The Virginians might lobby to import German-made police radios because they enjoy European-style working conditions.

Ben Olsen is a famous example about salaries in Virginia as they relate to formal education. Olsen was the head coach for DC United. He attended the University of Virginia, but he didn’t graduate and he never earned a four year degree. As the head coach for DC United he made a half million dollars ever year as his salary. The Germans and the French might hire Virginians to operate surveillance hardware. It seems possible there are defense contractors that make high salaries, but they do not have much formal education.

Within NATO there might be right wingers and it seems vague about salaries as they relate to formal education. The Virginians might want to work for European firms. NATO might, in real terms, give Paris and Berlin opportunities to trade in the developing world. The Virginians might be inclined to assist with these efforts. Famously, the targeted killing program and the detainee program are sometimes unpopular. The Virginians might simply agree to the programs because they prefer European workplace aesthetics.

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