Radio Technology in Germany

Radio Tower

There are modern trends in German radio technology. Radios are used in Germany for trade, internal security, and for military purposes. There are labor unions and military academies in Germany. It is likely that defense contractors are hired to use German military radios. The defense budget in Germany is likely weighted toward radio technology and related spending.

The Gulf of Danzig is in Poland but it serves as a strategic port for German merchants. Lubeck, Germany is near Poland. Gdansk is a Polish port near the Gulf of Danzig. Scandinavian merchants sometimes trade through the Gulf of Danzig. The Baltic States are near there. Estonia trades in EURO. Sweden has in modern times lended money to Estonia. This is not well received because the krona might be tied to metals trading instead of industry. Conceptually there should not be money lending if currencies are tied to metals trading.

Berlin is the seat of Prussia. Brandenburg and Sachsen are German provinces. Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg and Dresden is the capital of Sachsen. They used to trade in East German mark. East German mark was worth less than West German mark. There was a large communications relay in East Berlin. Bosnia trades in Bosnian mark. Bosnia remains an important port for the German military. It is controversial generally about German trade through the Balkans. There are concerns about organized labor in Germany’s eastern provinces.

A trial began in Frankfurt, Germany last week which is related to counterterrorism. The trial brings to the foreground issues pertaining to German radio technology. The German government uses military radios for the purposes of internal security. The defendant is an Iraqi man. There have been tank battles near Baghdad and Damascus. It is possible that tanks are sent to the Levant from the Gulf of Danzig. There are likely German military officers who assist the Iraqi military to drive tanks. There are military academies and tank driving schools in the Levant. German radios are likely exported along with these tanks. There are radio signals sent to tank positions from German airbases.

The problem is fiscal responsibility. There used to be roadblocks and watchtowers in East Berlin. There were official cars and nonofficial cars. The nonofficial cars were searched thoroughly. There were accounts about barbed wire fences and other fortifications in urban areas. Prisons should not be upgraded with defense technology. It is likely there are prisons in Ukraine that have been upgraded with defense spending. Lviv, Ukraine seems to be a regional hub for labor unions. Lubeck is a German port near the Gulf of Danzig. Lubeck used to trade in East German mark. If there are labor unions near prisons then the conditions at the prisons might be questioned.

Where there are radio towers there are likely technology research facilities. The Germans have developed radios that can send long distance transmissions with precision. It is controversial when military radios are used for international trade. The German military tests radio technology on the beaches of the Baltic Sea. There are historical anecdotes about labor strikes in East Germany and Czechoslovakia. There might be German engineers who test radio technology in Poland. Warsaw is inland. There are likely large airbases in Poland. There might be labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through the Gulf of Danzig. There are land routes to Warsaw from Brandenburg.

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