The Snake Conspiracy

By Sebastian Sarbu.

The oldest and most dangerous secret society is known as the Brotherhood of the Good, being followed down the line by the Brotherhood of Fire, the Black Snake, the Order of the Assassins or Ishmaelites, the Secret Jesuit Order, the Order of Baphomet, and the Circle of the Poles.

We shall prove first the connection between the phenomena of life, by revealing the laws that govern the world, as well as the true science of survival, which, given appropriate social conditions, would have led to a healthy evolution, well-adapted to existing races, civilizations, and to the national characteristics of every society.

These explanations are necessary given that in order to talk about controlling conscience we have to define first what is conscience, since it is impossible to destroy the enemy’s system if we continue to adopt the same manner of thinking, the same values, as well as the same soul devastating ideology. That is to say, we cannot eliminate the historical adversary by thinking like him and thus allowing him to be reborn or transposed in the vital space of collective consciousness. Let’s proceed.

The science and the occult

Before idealizing science, and thus behaving like those who are disappointed by speculative philosophical and religious currents, we must know that there is no great difference between science and religious, political, or ideological doctrines. The specific differences have been nullified via the subordination of any free and independent research to the ideologies of various powers.

Moreover, we can see that the exact sciences, which provide mankind and society with the technical and material basis for survival, have profoundly religious foundations!!!

The foundation for the exact sciences, but also of the social sciences, including psychology, can be correctly defined as being metaphysical. We refer to classical science, for the modern one is one big mental manipulation which was created for occult purposes and whose purpose is the creation of an experimental society, the globalist one.

Physics rests upon metaphysics, to which it is still close. Chemistry rests upon alchemy.

Mathematics is based upon numerology, or sacred initiate mathematics. Both were founded by Pythagoras, whose system we have inherited. It is thus not an accident that Pythagoras was a freemason, as he was initiated at the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt (actually, Aton’s pyramid).

The philosopher and mathematician Auguste Comte (1798 – 1857), the founder of positivism and of modern sociology, proved the fact that numbers do not represent real quantities, but mere abstract proportions, adopting the same conceptual line of thinking as Kant, who regarded knowledge as a process preceding experience, a product of the mind, which is nothing else than mathematics par excellence.

It must be said that positivism is the best-oriented form of knowledge; it is necessary to the individual more than to society given that modern society is a utilitarian-progressive one which can apply positivism only in certain fields.

Positivism is not a science as it is understood nowadays. It is a manner, a way, a direction of research by which man bases his knowledge upon experience and doubts the systemic realities being decreed as unique: matter and spirit.

We are hence positivists and we will apply positivist criteria and principles to political reality, by proving that the laws of existence are a mirror and a reciprocal manifestation of the acts carried out by an individual or collectives.

Worse (or more dubious) even, as is revealed by special research, the so-called science, even positivist science, was organized, or, more specifically, modified for the purpose of differing from metaphysical or spiritual science, in the purest dialectical reactionary way.

We mention that we are not interested in saving or denouncing the metaphysical aspects, but we merely observe the facts in a neutral way, with a maximal degree of objectivity, as in any independent research. We cannot ignore the quackery. As such, we can only take one direction: the one showing that modern manipulation, comprising occult structures, both operational and emergent, originates in the mythical past of humanity, where the so-called “snake conspiracy” began.

Therefore, before evaluating a conventional or unconventional phenomenon, one has to look for the causes, having in mind the knowledge that wherever there is a relationship between cause and effect there is nothing supernatural, no force superior to man which could suspend the natural order.

Moreover, people should not mix the plans and components of their bio-energo-plasmatic beings, which function autonomously, and thus via different laws generating other types of effects.

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