Against All Odds, All My Predictions Came True: Donald Trump New US President

By Jaime Ortega.


A lot of people criticized my prediction when I stated that Donald Trump was going to win the US presidential election against the hyped Hillary Clinton. I also predicted about a year and half ago, that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were going to make noise because they represent true change whereas the present establishment represents backwardness and institutional corruption. A few analyst mocked my prediction – but then soon enough the unthinkable happened — and my critics froze in amusement the day the that Trump started to create a movement.

I predicted Trump would win the republican nomination, and I almost predicted that Sander’s would pull an upset against the almighty Clinton campaign – that prediction I lost with a caveat — the DNC as Wikileaks has shown shoved Sanders out the race to give Hillary the Democratic nomination. Had it remained an even playing field, my prediction would have come about correctly. I am not a socialist, but had Sanders won the democratic nomination, he would of beat Trump in the general election. Very stupid move from the DNC!

Tons and tons of political experts from private elite schools like Harvard, Yale, Brown, Berkley and other blah…blah professors; political analyst from the Brooking’s Institution, Gartner, CATO, and almost all other organizations overwhelmingly stipulated a comfortable victory for Clinton. Yet, I was unconvinced about their strange and unrealistic breakdown that Hillary would “cremate Trump”, even when the poll numbers indicated that Clinton was ahead 10-12 points on late July. As I will show on my articles bellow, I even said that he might probably win via landslide – guess what just happened today?

What this election has showed people is that analyst that participate on prestigious shows with news networks like CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post and other mainstream media networks are not too knowledgeable about political predictions and should not be qualified to feed into the propaganda of liberal media pundits —not all of course – but a majority of experts lack common sense. It also shows that polls conducted by liberal mainstream media networks are quite a joke and unreliable.

People were willingly misled by the liberal mainstream media ‘trustworthy’ propaganda polls to believe Trump had absolutely no chance to obtain victory — which showed poll results that simply staggered the imagination and were completely out of touch with reality. They absolutely ignored other factors that play into voter psychology which I predicted would create paranoia among constituents. They absolutely ignored the fact that social media was a battle field against Clinton and ‘the true’ indicator that showed who would be elected as president — they ignored it.

The arrogance and despotism of liberal mainstream media to manipulate the election started a war with Independent News Networks like The Daily Journalist; organizations like Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Guccifer and social media that fought a hot-contested media battle to defend the values of integrity of what is left in journalism against the establishment. They were powerful, but we always had the numbers to counter their false rhetoric and expose their lies. Here is my related media war article.

Here are a few of my predictions of why Trump would win:

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