Back to basics: Neo-Tribalism, Neo-Monarchism, and Neo-Militarism will overtake democracy in western countries sooner or later

By Jaime Ortega.


Back to basics: Neo-Tribalism, Neo-Monarchism, and Neo-Militarism will overtake democracy in western countries sooner or later

Sumerian states developed a democratic system before the Greeks applied the notion of elections in philosophy. We didn’t invent democracy, we copy pasted and innovated its integration to western culture to satisfy our freedom of choice. Democracy has recently reemerged in the past 200 years — mainly guided by socialism and capitalism, but monarchies, theocracies and other forms of rule have also dominated the world.

The biggest achievement in modern history has been the submission of military power to governments using constitutional law to smelt western nations under the umbrella of democracy without use of force. The concept of individual freedom was unthinkable for a vast majority of ancient cultures because it meant granting power to peasantry and the under privileged.

I can’t say I like dictatorships, but within the frame of history, military might has overwhelm the culture of many nations – if not all.

The current crisis in Europe and America is less correlated with financial turmoil than with ideological social struggles. The battle of attrition that divides government and military policy is one problem that could end democracy as it exist today – it’s getting worst—and the Youth is anti-war, anti-military and anti-government.

The suppression of military values inside the western world will not pass overlooked by top military officials who watch how foreign and national policy unfold under political control without military advice amid rising nations like China, Russia or India which they consider a threat for national and international security.

The military core has witnessed the destruction of pride and national sovereignty to the demands of citizens willing to cancel the unification of America and Europe in favor for individual goals that cater division, including lack of personal sacrifice for the greater good of the country and the world. The average westerner not only despises foreign military intervention but has no intention to enroll in case war broke out with another country.

The youth that resides under the wing of democratic nations has become disconnected from the reality of world affairs. They no longer believe freedom is achieved with self-sacrifice, but by riots, protest, civil unrest, social revolutions and financial reforms. Throughout the years the spoils of society –including materialism–have ushered the youth to believe war is not a necessary evil to achieve national and financial stability, but instead a primitive solution ignited by blood thirsty ignorant people eager to control the world at all cost. In that regard democracy has revived the youth into an anarchic, communist and Marxist mindset where egalitarianism can only work under a progressive reform.

The original role of western government was to fairly distribute resources without intermission from elitists, monarchs and religious leaders. But with much power came great responsibility and the rise of political party affiliations in democratic nations slowly infiltrated the system with modest forms of corruption, passing bills contrary to public opinion and national interest at the expense of fairness – of course not all lobbyist practices secretly planned are faulty – just 80% to be sarcastically honest.

Political reforms today are based exclusively on moral issues rather than financial or structural change. They create the illusion of change based upon issues that take on moral ordinary problems. Issues like climate change, Transgender bathroom usage and police brutality are moral issues used to foster controversy among voters who have a myopic view of the system or simply interpret everything according to the American liberal media model designed to incite controversy to rack up attention –ultimately to generate network growth.

The day newcomers like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders publically state ‘let’s talk about how young unskilled Americans lack hard work ethic and discipline, and not blame illegal immigration and crime as a cause of high unemployment,’ it will be an honest political spectrum. But the disconnection between people and government is also partly fault of the typical voter who has the ability under a democratic system to point the finger, but not be blamed.

Western governments have become the conduits to blame for everyone’s problem. Politicians have become impractical puppets acting on behalf of ignorant people with stupid demands — which make absolutely no sense. People don’t want to be blamed for their actions and would rather accuse politicians for their own personal self-indulgence. The government now acts like the ‘genie in the bottle’. A few examples:

1) John smokes one pack of cigarettes every day and he doesn’t want to quit. He is overweight. He also drinks sugar pop and drinks beer at the local bar alongside his work buds. He eats unhealthy. Instead of getting in shape, soon after he returns from work he watches television for 4 hours. John blames the government for his lack of health coverage, his diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol — he had a pneumonia a few months ago. He feels the government is not helping Americans get better health benefits and feels angry.

The Truth: John should not smoke cigarettes. He should spend his money on health bars or save it. He should quit sugar pop and beer, and drink water instead, which is cheaper and better for his health. He says he doesn’t have time to cook healthy meals or exercise, but he is willing to spend four hours watching Television, and loves spending money at his local bar. John should blame himself, not the government. He is the result of his own victimization.

2) Before the 2008 market crash, many low income Americans signed very risky mortgage loans. (True story) Margaret barely making any money, was somehow able to apply for an expensive home mortgage. She doesn’t really care about the terms and conditions of the contract provided by the bank, she is happy and just wants a new expensive house at all cost that comes with a swimming pool and nice front porch. She feels for the first time that she is beating the system by taking on the loan. The financial collapse suddenly happens, she loses her home and she gets mad with the government. She says it is all their fault.

The Truth:  The banks never forced Margaret to sign any contract. She came inside the bank at her own free risk.  It’s totally her fault. Instead of questioning her action, given the preconditions, she took the risk without conducting additional research. She should of read the terms and conditions. If she didn’t understand the contract, she should have done additional research like many Americans who after further analysis rejected the suspicious loans. If she didn’t have time to research, then obviously, common sense dictates she shouldn’t have signed anything to begin with. She thought she outsmarted the market and she was wrong, and paid the price.

3) Tyrone dropped high school and lives in a low income neighborhood in Dallas. He argues the lack of education and opportunities provided by the local state government in the projects as insufficient and minuscule. Tyrone likes to dress up well, and just recently purchased the newest pair of Jordan’s – he holds a nice collection of shoes and owns a nice watch. They opened a restaurant just down the street where dishwashers are needed. Tyrone thinks that dishwashing position is too low of a job, so he is looking for footlocker or a company that fits more his style and will pay him more money – he just recently rejected a job as an assistant mechanic because he didn’t want to get dirty.

The truth: Just down the street from where he lives there is a high-school that provides high school drop-outs the opportunity to obtain a free GED diploma to encompass a better future. Just two blocks down the street they have a Goodwill which has a nice collection of math, history and English books, which cost $3 USD dollars each. Tyrone can spend $150 USD on a new pair of Jordan’s but he can’t spend $3 USD in investing in his future? – there is also a free public library not far away from the park he frequents, that he never attends, and is mostly empty for people his age (23). Tyrone like many Americans, is a low skilled individual without a high school diploma. He feels entitled to the best jobs because he is an American citizen, but when low skilled jobs open up, Tyrone would rather leave the Mexican immigrant take the dirty job. Tyrone is to blame for his own problems, not the government. He has the ability to change, but would rather keep his gluttonous lifestyle and blame the government not having any education or expertise.

4) Donald Trump blames immigration for the drug epidemic hunting families and individuals across America. He thinks that people will vote for him if he cracks down on illegal immigrants because it would significantly lower drug abuse intake among American people.

The truth: Americans who take drugs are responsible for their own actions. Illegal immigrants don’t force them to take drugs. If Americans didn’t consume drugs, Mexican cartels would become bankrupt and cease to exist. The American people are to blame.

As the few examples above indicate, individual greediness has halted the expectations of people and government into a state of perpetual victimization.

The political class is also broken. Politicians have dirty hands. Real change, includes big spending; big money is contrary to the collective commonwealth of the average Joe who cannot afford to lobby against financial institutions that have the funds to adjust and set new laws at their mercy against ordinary people without power.

However, even if big spending was more accessible to public demand, it wouldn’t stop the decline of western society. Western countries are under their last phase because people themselves are the backbone of governments and have become entitled to change without self sacrifice and self blame. The rise of conspiracy theories and theorist in the past few decades shows the misstrust and contention between people and government, despite the fact, that we live on a relative peaceful world compare to other ancient epochs. The ideological cancer of individualism will be the determinant force behind a new world without democratic means, infested with individual agendas.

With democracy, ideological reforms have swarmed governments and transformed them into an ideological battle of good and evil, fairness and unfairness, justice and injustice – the wealthy will blame the poor for jealousy and the un-wealthy will blame the wealthy for greediness. Meanwhile, military power has diminished its role in society for individual freedoms that cater disunity. Governments no longer control resources, but control moral behavior and transfer their resentment to the armed forces for social experimentation – the perfect guinea pig.

The poisonous mixture between congressmen and bureaucrats, has fueled the rise of corruption and rise of moral asymmetry in western governments to diminish the power of nationalist and military officials into a state of ethical justice pushed by politicians to capture people’s emotions. With bureaucrats partly in control; military operations are based on protecting trade and transnationalism, as oppose to defending national sovereignty in the name of force. The soldier has been subjugated to fight battles for corporations, rather than battles based on honor and national pride – that will change soon.

The political class has accepted the fact that military values oppose what true global democracy stands for, in order to obtain unity without the use of violence. The cut of military expenditure, low national values, and Military enrolment are all clear precursors of the problems facing western democracy as a whole in the near future.

If that wasn’t enough the US government has cut military funding to soldiers, and has created an environment where soldiers are looked upon as villains and not heroes among civilians. The propaganda and rise of the progressive left has damaged the image of the military’s sovereignty worldwide. The Neo-cons also damaged the image of the military by cheating military missions into globalized programs to westernize the world. The military despises Democrats and Republicans, but hates democrats more because disorder and individual freedoms are direct threats to the core belief of the military.

The military willingly summited all its powers to democracy thanks to the constitution, where honor and loyalty meant the ultimate sacrifice to achieve financial and social freedom – it meant something— a belief in decadence thanks to all the ideological perspicacity allowed to permeate and divide western countries. There was fear about what role the armed forces would play in government and judicial courts during the rise of democracies all around the world – politicians have done a great job breaking the military apparatus worldwide and silencing its growth even in highly nationalistic countries like Japan. Yet militaristic power nations like China, Russia, Pakistan and India have grown financially and stretched their military muscle as a warning sign of the near future.

The common misconception of democracy is simple. People think that technological advancement and financial growth are direct results of democracy; the same can be said about social freedoms and civil rights movements — when in-fact they’re not.

The Church of England allowed the industrial revolution to prosper when England was not a democracy. Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, ended an economy based on austerity to develop a socialist country with economic privatization injecting capital into the system that later gave birth to a democratic system. Augusto Pinochet, after cracking down the Marxist party, successfully reformed the country and funded its technological development to compete financially with other western countries. If we go further in history, the same could be said about the Mayas, Egypt, the Islamic Caliphate, the Roman Empire, Mesopotamia and many other empires. Democracy and advancement are friends, not brothers.

Wealth and democracy are friends, not sisters.  In the ancient past many cultures provided a certain degree of personal privilege and security to their citizens.

We tend to believe that democracy, advancement and military will bond to the ages – but history shows to be a false assumption. Democracy is at the dawn of its own collapse and hedging into a new system I call Neo-Militarism, Neo-tribalism and Neo-monarchy. Western politicians are acting akin totalitarian states already, basing reforms on moral behavior not exclusively on actual change while citizens don’t take any responsibility on their faults.

Four possible scenarios could lead to such conversion. Eventually a financial collapse so vast that will erode the base of trade worldwide and impoverish nations to the point governments are replaced by neo-Military forces who will outlaw politicians as corrupted and bureaucrats as accomplices. They would also deal with renegades and prosecute and destroy individuals opting to rebel or divide people with self prescribed agendas.

The second option is that people will want to take self-control of resources and the military will be disbanded losing its unity in many western countries. It is not hard to imagine, many young people today have started to hate government and politicians — the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is no coincidence (I predicted it) – in the future it is going to get much worse and anarchy might rule again fracturing many nations into separate states with independent rulers — Neo-Tribalism.

The third option is that certain countries will rise up in civil war akin the Middle East after the Arab spring. A revolt against local and national governments. In Europe, sooner or later, we will observe a war against native Muslims born in the old continent versus those who claim the land as exclusively theirs. Muslims will triple their population numbers sooner than later and alarm the non-religious and cultural religious establishment. The nature of Islam is to conquer not to be submissive. Neo-monarchies are possible because great military leaders instead of calling themselves dictators, could crown themselves kings without the consent of people who at that point in time will stop believing in democracy anyway.

Fourth option comprises all the options above. That means we will observe the above options in all western countries in a sort of chaotic system without clear rulers — or winner takes all.

Now of course, this sounds unreal, paradoxical and highly hypothetical because technology and science veils the idea of suddenly stopping progress to go back to a primitive world; but I am not of the opinion that history is progressive, but cyclical. Technology is a tool, not an ideology. Highly advanced civilizations are highly unstable forces, and not a historical guarantee.

Some argue that it’s highly unlikely to go back to basics because we are highly civilized. Sophistication creates an atmosphere of security among nations. But hold on. true security comes from our military? And we are destroying it! Western governments and people live a moral utopia with fingers pointed at each-other without lack of self-blame. Military and governments are disconnected in most western democracies. People are spoiled and believe in the survival of the fittest. A financial collapse is what would take us back to basics.

That is exactly the problem. It’s not supposed to be this way, it’s not the historical norm, and I bet my words that it will all go back to normal sooner or later. Wealth without the military means easy prey and division among people. Democracy has an expiration date and will be replaced by Neo-forms of ancient ruleships.

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