Despite the odds, Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in November

By Jaime Ortega.


CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNbc have Hillary comfortably winning in November – but Trump will win 

I am certainly not a Trump fan and don’t support his eccentric views of America, but a year ago I predicted against all odds that Donald Trump would face Hillary Clinton in the final phase of the elections. A year ago mainstream media networks thought Jeb Bush was the most qualified and diplomatic candidate out the bunch to snatch the republican primary, and while his character is presidential, they were evident signs that Fox News and other guru analyst wrote off. One evident sign to predict a candidates run, is by measuring the incredible amount of anti-government rhetoric surrounding popular social media sites.

One reason why my colleagues were wrong and I was right was based upon analyzing the social medial populist outcry shown in comment sections, blogs and boards all around the web — and not the elitist view held by mainstream media networks to determine the next GOP representative. As it turned out, Jeb Bush not only failed, but failed miserably shocking the entire GOP and even the DNC. I also stated a year ago that Bernie Sanders and his social-democratic outline would replace the liberal economic view of the DNC, because the American-youth view Hillary as a crooked non-trustworthy candidate serving interest-groups, and secret organizations. The progressive youth has become anarchic and demand economic reforms that oppose those of the Democratic Party.

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC view Hillary as the clear victor, giving Trump a slight chance of winning the elections in November. The specialist and political pundits claim a landslide victory in favor of Hillary based on questionable surveys mostly conducted in larger suburban areas and college liberal towns.  Leftist mainstream media networks and the elderly liberal loyalist are scared to death of Trump’s reform because he is viewed as a politically incorrect social agitator who will destroy the values of the American left around the world. While Trump is viewed as an opportunist by many, he has all the favorable circumstances and tools to beat Hillary in November. And while I am certain Trump will win, he won’t change America’s short term problem and future decline.

Bellow a few indicators why Hillary won’t win.


  • The liberal open border policy aimed at helping refugees has caused major unrest in Europe and has spilled inside America thanks to social media. Anti-liberal and anti-progressive groups have criticized the left for allowing immigrants to settle and change cultural norms in Europe at the expense of betraying national sovereignty. The latest terror attacks in America and Europe have inflamed anti-liberal resentment against immigrants– especially Muslims. Hillary is viewed as another Angela Merkel, whereas Donald Trump is viewed as the champion of immigration policy. To defeat Trump, Hillary needs to adopt an immigration policy that satisfies the average US citizen, which seems to not have worked under the Obama administration — in other words, Hillary needs to implement a more aggressive strategy than Obama to satisfy the undecided voters who are against illegal immigration and view it as a cultural and economic cancer.
  • Hillary’s public support of Black Lives Matter will bruise her campaign. There is an invisible war raging mainstream media and social media networks that seeks further attention. The liberal mainstream networks have taken sides and shown support toward BLM, and reluctance toward law enforcement and crime related issues. Mainstream broadcast networks have made local law enforcement cases into national headlines without waiting for a proper trial to take place, allowing for controversy to stir public uproar. The case of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castille etc. should have remained local news. The black community and liberal activist have used those killings to become the victims of a law enforcement plot targeted against blacks on the basis of racial prejudice and not crime. But while the left advocates for institutional reforms, many people are fed up with the liberal propaganda of painting black thugs as innocent little lambs who’re the product of marginalization. Unlike mainstream media, social media publishes crime videos, murders, burglaries, gang violence and other issues that people consider to be more important in their communities as it relates to safety. Mainstream liberal media networks have done a superb job in reporting law enforcement against blacks, but failed to show the same effort to report violent crime at a national level —- such actions have created a race war on all major social media sites. Blacks insult whites, whites insult blacks and the hate will leak on Election Day. Hillary publically stated her support for BLM, which is making democrat supporters leave the liberal party in support of an anti-progressive candidate that won’t victimize crime. Trump is viewed as the man who will eliminate crime, while Hillary is viewed as the woman who will continue to support criminal victimization — Trump will take advantage of Hillary’s weakness.
  • Does Hillary have the backup of law enforcement and the armed forces? War was declared against law enforcement after the recent killings of police officers in New York, Dallas, and Baton Rouge. Obama vowed public support for the deaths of the black-Americans killed by police offers, but has had a harder time criticizing black-on-black crime. This has caused the Department of Justice along with law enforcement to criticize the president’s resilience to expose the problems that affect black communities nationwide. The political divide between the DOJ and the Democratic Party has increasingly grown sour. The Obama administration has also been accused of shrinking the Air Force and The Navy since 1916; cut military numbers by 40,000 closing bases in Alaska and sizing military spending to 15.9 percent. The problem is that Hillary was part of the Obama Administration when she was Secretary of State and it won’t help her cause in November. Even worse, Bill Clinton’s former Administration had a more profound effect in the Military. Clinton’s “peace dividend” cut the military by 20-30 percent, from 1.8 million in 1993 to 1.4 million in 2000. Unlike Hillary, Trump has a clean reputation among law enforcement agencies and among military personnel. The democratic establishment has hurt its reputation by picking sides and it will affect Hillary as the world shifts to the right side.
  • Facebook is the mecca of collecting valuable personal opinion. Every mainstream media network claims Hillary is ahead of Trump by at least ten points. One would expect based on the mainstream media results that Hillary’s official Facebook page would be nothing but positive comments and likes. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, the amount of negative comments is a clear indicator that she will likely lose the elections — the popular resentment toward her political view is sky high. The negativity shown on her official FB page is not a good indicator of the latest Fox News survey that claims Hillary will dominate the elections.
  • She doesn’t have the endorsement of Bernie Sander supporters. Bernie did extremely well because he posed a strong narrative by projecting a bright future to the progressive youth, which Hillary copy-pasted and adapted to her liberal narrative to bring Sander supporters to join her cause – Hillary’s liberal reform was not originally intended to fit a true socialistic progressive reform – she avidly restructured her agenda to defeat Bernie. The progressive youth does not trust Hillary, which brings me to my next point.
  • The rise of conspiracy theories will hurt her election. As I stated above, the rise of Trump is based upon popular hate targeted against a non-functional government that caters only to elites, bureaucrats and politicians. Hillary is the sculpted image of such conspiracy movement, she represents the Bilderberg’s, the Trilateral Commission and CFR. She is the epitome of secret organizations and the puppet of the illuminati agenda to carry on a mission to control the world and form a one world government. This might seem far-fetched and ridiculous to election analyst representing prestige think tanks and schools of thought, but everything I wrote is true — the youth views Hillary as a the devil incarnated, which brings me to the next point.
  • Her donors and sponsors will hurt her crusade. Despite verily topping Bernie Sanders in the primary race, it’s worth noticing the results were closer than political pundits expected. Hillary’s former campaign manager Debbie Wasserman quit because she failed to entice Bernie supporters to join her cause using aggressive advertisements, false accusations, amp political resources and anti-socialist propaganda. Trump relies on fundraisers, personal funds and collective donations to prevent influence groups from leeching his campaign; on the other hand, Hillary is sponsored by Sab Capital Group, Renaissance Technologies, News-web Corp, Laborers Union, Center for Middle East Peace, Bohemian Foundation, Dream Works and the list goes on. If that wasn’t enough individual billionaires like Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomberg among others have shown support for her campaign. The problem with that many sponsors and donors is that the undecided voter and the anti-establishment reformist will now believe she is deeply in bed with interest groups and elitist, which ultimately dooms her message of change. The Koch Brothers decided to not help Trump, which brings me to my next point.
  • Republicans not endorsing Trump are actually helping his crusade and hurting Hillary. Rep. Scott Rigell, Rep. Richard Hanna, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and other high influential republicans like Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz have shown zero tolerance to Trump’s campaign. While CNN and Fox News analyst believe that not endorsing Trump will hurt his campaign, they don’t realize it helps his campaign, in that undecided voters now believe Trump is not part of the corrupt bureaucrats running Washington. It is actually a good sign for many people that a wing of the Republican establishment has vowed to stop Trump, for they now believe he represents the people and not the corrupt government. Hillary is viewed the complete opposite, she is the servant of the political establishment and serves interest groups that lobby against public demands. The psychology of ignoring Trump, plays perfectly into Trump’s hands and against Hillary.
  • Her scandals will catch up with her on election date. Her latest email scandal, and her involvement in Benghazi as Secretary of State; Filegate to Whitewater; Clinton Foundation to The Speeches and other issues have severely tarnished her reputation as a trustworthy politician. Trustworthiness is the basis of election. Trump despite filling bankruptcy a few times and cutting personnel on his Casinos in Atlantic City, has the political reliance Hillary lacks. Hillary’s mistrust will pay a toll on November that will ultimately benefit Trump despite his agressive campaign.
  • Donald Trump will beat Hillary to a pulp on every debate. In order for Trump to beat Hillary, all he needs is to face her on national television. Hillary is diplomatic, Trump is a business man. Trump will ruthlessly macerate Hillary by openly calling out every scandal she has been involved, opening her wounds on public television, which will damage her already tainted public image. Trump is not politically correct, and he will be the first politician to not play by the rules of the book during a debate –that will be his biggest political asset.


The question is not if Trump can snatch the presidency, the question is if Trump will get assassinated by someone who is pro-establishment and anti-change. We understood the CIA involvement in the Watergate scandal, the assassination of former presidents Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, John F. Kennedy and reformist like Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the men who almost killed Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and Ronald Raegan. The US has a rich history of Presidential Assassinations — Trump perfectly fits that model and he should watch out.


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