Elections Will Never Be The Same Again: The Hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton Leads to Civil War

By Jaime Ortega.


Green Party leader Jill Stein recently decided to recount the votes in Wisconsin suspicious of voter fraud. I strongly suspect, George Soros the backbone of the DNC, is directly responsible of Steins decision to recount votes. Why would Stein suddenly care about the election results when she never had a chance on earth of winning the presidency? Why just contest Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin —states Trump won? Why not contest all the states Hillary Clinton won? Double standards! I have little doubts, Wall Street subordinates have triangle a strategy alongside with Soros to rig the official election results fearing Trump might damage and possibly regulate the market with authoritarian demands counter to their private interest.

It wasn’t Trump who laid in bed with ‘too big to fail banks’. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Clinton’s top contributors JPMorgan Chase & Co, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup Inc. were involved with her campaign. Even the own US Government contributed $764,569 USD to the Clinton bid – possibly courtesy of Barack Obama himself. Above were some of the institutions that openly contributed to her campaign — but as the Clinton Foundation leaks show, she also received funds from foreign governments – which proves that the presidential stakes were high this year.

The stock market shows symptoms of insecurity and panic amid national and foreign traders. Lenders who regularly trade with China invested future projects opting for Clinton’s TPP agreement to fructify– not ensured what specific financial reforms Trump might adopt when he steps on office, lenders and traders view outsourcing under siege and trade affected.

Progressive demagogues fail to understand that 90 percent of contributions Clinton received to plump her campaign came from Super-Pac’s, and only 10 percent came from middle class donors. She received a lot of money, and there’s a lot of outside pressure from financial institutions to crown Clinton the next US president at any cost possible – the desperados want to desperately make one last final attempt to achieve their mischievous goal. On the flipside, contesting late election results against the demands of the working class creates a perfect storm for the conservative movement to think in terms of civil rebellion — if Clinton suddenly became the first lady and Trump’s presidency was overturned – the change would spark terrifying cultural consequences felt across the nation. When the agrarian and industrial sectors revolt, it resonates a chilling social effect that shakes the pillars of the banking system. Once the conservative movement protest and views the liberals and the progressive establishment as traitors and violence instigators, social order draws into open conflict.

A few Republicans before the election also worried Trump would win the presidency. What would it mean for right wing congressmen deeply rooted with bundlers and lobbyist inside Capitol Hill to have Trump as the next president? Surely, many Rep. Congressmen akin Liberal Democrats don’t want The Executive branch to interfere with foreign economic policy or diminish its globalist role. The irony is that Trump champion’s free market mobility, but plans international trade reforms help boost national employment –he is not interested in solving the problems of other nations — unless of course they pay their fair share.

The Soros-Wall Street-Clinton ‘triangle’ wants to use Russia as a ‘guinea pig’ to contest the official result of the election. The Russian government know it’s the ‘triangle’s’ strategy to delegitimize Trump’s presidency at all cost, using Cold War propaganda to incite paranoia among Democrat loyalist. It is also curious to note China and Iran – renown for hacking Pentagon servers for the past few years — are not mentioned by the ‘triangle’, which should automatically raise alarms of distrust in their quest to easily influenced public opinion. Russia’s impact as a foreign actor to affect the US election wouldn’t make much sense anyhow because Trump might end as a bad diplomatic option for the Kremlin’s interest abroad –risking and unknown unknown in Trump, might be worse than trusting a known unknown in Clinton.

The excuse to recount votes came with the over 2 Million votes that summed after the election — the popular vote. As I mentioned on my previous editorial post, what liberal and progressive news networks fail to inform people is that the state of California and the state of New York have mega-populace compared to other smaller populated states, so the popular votes predominantly come from those two states which are traditionally democratic states.

Hillary Clinton complained on her last debate that “Trump should accept the election results and not contest the votes for the sake of democracy.” Like a sudden storm out the blue sky—- a team of progressive professors has decided to question the electoral result and give Clinton the benefit of the doubt. The DNC jumped right away on the recommendation and decided to follow the steps of Stein – which without a doubt should be vetted in case she received money from Soros and Wall Street top players to initiate a last minute recount.

One ought to remember that Bernie Sanders – a supposedly pioneer of socialism and anti-capitalist — received money from the DNC to support her party rival Ms. Clinton. Sanders sold his soul to the Clinton machine and changed his revolutionary reformist rhetoric to support her campaign against the outcry of the “Basement Dwellers” whom endorsed him for his anti-globalist stance. Many anti-capitalist millennials obviously felt betrayed by Sanders the moment he decided to endorse Clinton in exchange of money. If Sanders was influenced, why wouldn’t Stein? The funny anecdote is that when Sanders lost to Clinton in the primary election, Clinton asked him to cede and not contest the results for the sake of democracy— Sanders had the decency to not contest the results and conceded his loss – the DNC is truly disgusting from the inside-out.

The recount is a complete mockery of the US Electoral College historical process. Even President Barack Obama has showed “concerns” with the DNC’s attempt to whitewash the election. Obama wants a peaceful transition to take place without last minute controversy, but knows that the recount will stir distrust from the conservative movement hard to fathom. Obama is not happy about the recount and the consequences involved — prompting cynicism from the right that will start to contest every election won by the Democratic Party in the future. Once a particular group disputes the results of an election, it should be branded with suspicion and mistrust and likewise contested – not good folks!

The progressives and liberal movement are playing a dangerous head-game which might trigger a series of future events that could lead to an open civil war – such events could create a perfect storm for secession to take place within the US — like the split during the Confederacy and the Union, that resentment still exist today. The democratic establishment has created two evils that will dissolve national unity in the future and inflict an incurable wound without political remedy. The wealthy liberal’s support the Wall-Street economic model and elitist agenda caters to the bourgeois class; the progressive support proto-soviet individualist dogmas that act as anti-national propaganda to oppose conservatism. The hypocrisy of the democratic left is that liberals and progressives today — as opposed to the past — are actually ideologically at odds with each-other because one supports constitutional civil rights and financial freedom and the other believes in social justice without a capitalist cap. The left will do anything in their power to stop Trump without looking closer at the DNC – having both progressives and liberal serious discrepancies with one another and the economic model they plan to adopt. Liberals are not proclaimed socialist nor do they endorse proto-soviet or proto-French dogmas.

The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Vox, The Huffington post and other liberal and progressive networks are fully responsible for inflaming anti-Trump rhetoric and helping fume the drums of an unnecessary ideological war that perhaps one day will bite them back in the ass.


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