Only A Dictatorship Can Change America: Democracy Under Siege


By Jaime Ortega.



“Force is not friendly, but it is effectively friendly,” Jaime Ortega.


Watching the 2016 US presidential election reveals evident signs of growing antipathy against the Government. The reason is clear and self-evident; the motives are non-negotiable and the path leads to the evident control of the establishment over voter psychology. All the moves are set in place to bring about the collapse of democracy in the US — Europe’s revolutionary bells also have started to make noise.

The cover-up and buried sins reflected in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, show the moral decadence of political interest groups and the rise of regulatory forces behind mainstream media networks that supposedly ‘defend’ journalism against editorial bias; categorically hypocritical networks in favor of permeating political propaganda in exchange of favors. The media has decided to lean in favor of political interest groups, covetous bureaucrats and political actors – far removed from the constitution and the principles that the US founding fathers introduced after rebelling against England and its authoritarian system. Such elitist groups represent themselves and not the status-quo, and the media has in-avertedly ceded to their demands posing a serious threat to public awareness.

During the generation of the US founding fathers outside forces like bi-partisanship, the Fed Reserve, lobbying, media manipulation and corporate hegemony did not exist. Wall Street’s stock exchange and proprietary trade did not exist; neither existed a free market economy based on privatization. The constitution and the Bill of Rights were not originally scripted to withhold or challenge policy reforms that could run loopholes around the law under judicial scrutiny. The forces that have dragged members of congress to introduce modern policy alongside bribery and new predatory laws, would had presented a serious threat to the Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers introduced the constitution to defend the nation from military insurrection, bipolarization of state and foreign powers. The idea was to create a trilateral structure of checks and balances to not allow monopolization in government. But with Wall Street and the manipulation of information executed by the rise of corporate media, everything changed. The constitution now, is just a playbook to pass bills that defend the financial sector and not the average citizen.  The whole system is heckled, top to bottom; the constitution means absolutely nothing today, the amendments only serve to protect powerful political interest institutions –too big to fail banks and corporations from federal prosecution. At a civil level criminal prosecution exist as a reminder that law and order prevail, but only at the bottom end of the financial structure where income inequality subsist in low income areas.

The US Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice failed to trial and indict politicians and bureaucrats at a rate never observed before in US history; politicians and bureaucrats are too big to fail. The FBI’s inability to polarize institutional malpractice, clearly indicates the dishonesty of the bureau. US Government Agencies influence corporate policy and corporate voracity vivifies government interest nationally and globally. Large corporations unwilling to participate in political affairs come under siege if they don’t comply with protocol, while corrupted congressmen create new bills that benefit their wallets and the investors they represent in exchange of favors at the expense of civil demands. What good is the constitution, if a senator or a governor can be influenced with money?

The media is no longer friendly or trustworthy, it no longer defends the ‘average Joe’. The media is not a watchdog and overseer of justice. The media no longer practices investigative journalism at government levels — it practices corporate business –as Wall Street is the core-foundation that sets fiscal standards during elections and pushes regulators offshore if threatened; It works marvels for CEO’s who have vested investment interest in political affairs. Real change applies mostly to big companies and major financial players, but small concessions are given to what is left of the middle class –which hardly ever existed —since the working class no longer have real acquisitive power to moderate unions or influence government. Capitol Hill is the brothel of US policy, and lobbyist and bundlers are the true policy makers in Washington; in fact, lobbyist and bundlers have greater policy control than the US Supreme Court because they can buy politicians and even judges with money to bypass bills against public interest. Everything about government is founded on legal corruption; a caste and a bureaucratic class system where major power brokers have political immunity over the law to break all the rules.  The market is controlled by private regulators that have similar — if not greater influence – than most government regulating agencies.

Voting today doesn’t mean anything. The Daily Journalist interviewed 100 register voters, and asked questions regarding why constituents elected a certain candidate over another. When asked the reasons behind picking a candidate, 89 people answered that they really didn’t follow the policy behind their nominee, but looked instead at the candidates in accordance to their “moral behavior”. Only 11 people out of 100, were successfully able to explain the policies behind their pick. Such problem, shows the ideological decadence of political affairs in the US. Most people have absolutely no idea about the political reforms Trump or Hillary support — yet somehow — they’re allowed to vote in ignorance. If democracy is run by ignorance, then choosing a candidate to become a president should not be legally permitted. For those who vote out of ignorance, elect leaders in ignorance. Election should be based on policy — not on emotions and opinions – but on facts and comprehension. Our current model of voting is completely flawed and it prevents those who vote out of comprehension to separate themselves, from those who vote out of ignorance; if the ignorant and the knowledgeable are set on the same bracket, then voting is no different than communism — in that, the doctor should get paid the same as the janitor — making a mockery of Darwinian socio-economics and the idea that the better prepared should make more money; similarly, those who don’t study policy should not be allowed to cast votes alongside those who study hard to understand policy. The system is a complete fiasco and failure; leaders are mostly elected in ignorance and not discernment.

The neo-conservative movement and the progressive left have transformed the military into a social project and a global enterprise. The military itself has been replaced by private military contractors, and private security companies; quasi-government dependence in contractors on Afghanistan and Iraq show the conflict of interest, and shift that challenges US military sovereignty around the world. The left and the right, have betrayed the military in exchange for PMC’s and PSC’s – otherwise known as ‘mercenary companies’. Mercenaries get paid generously and perform similar tasks to military operations in foreign countries. PMC’s and PSC’s don’t respect military values, they conduct assignments based on privatized authority where they are invulnerable to military respect.

The function of the military itself has recently played the ‘good Robocop’ role in Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to the social manipulation of civil activist groups to politicize the armed forces into a model that is completely degrading and retroactive to its historical destructive nature. The influence of forced victimization shoved by activism in times of war, has psychologically affected military personnel and hurt the morale of soldiers who love their country and don’t believe in politics. The real issue behind military experimentation doesn’t encompass the introduction of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders in the armed forces –death and honor are not indicators of sexual variance—but the fact that in times of combat and battle, the military is subject to preach political correctness with the enemy so heads of state maintain a good relation with the US in exchange of political nepotisms that gifts transnational corporations more control. The elitist — and the progressive activist unknowingly— act as one unit in this case to neutralize military force into a perpetual state of political correctness.

The progressive movement in general has not only ostracized military involvement on foreign affairs, but gradually propagandized the idea that ‘war is not a necessary evil’ and that ‘holding hands’ and ‘singing songs’ will bring about a better world.  Millennials and generation-x, do not feel patriotism and nationalism because baby boomers rebelled against the silent generation and transformed the military apparatus into a diplomatic catechesis based on globalized trade, financial coexistence, human rights and foreign diplomacy that ultimately paralyzed the true destructive and constructive nature of military power and its historical influence of transformation around the world. The left has propagandized military affairs into a state of paranoia, where military power is the real enemy of civility, progress and public justice. Since the late 60’s the left has propagandized the idea that death is evil under all circumstances making every culture the same culture, when history itself contradicts such stupid idea. The Roman Empire would have completely destroyed the threat of ISIS on a heartbeat, and ended its reign. The Roman Empire would of also expulsed millions of Syrian refugees, and executed those who dare tried to reform the Roman aristocracy into a sharia law state. But when the US fights ISIS, media pressure, civil right activists, vacillating politicians, financial interest groups, foreign unknowns and idealist get on the way of the military and unjustly demonize its cause. The military does not need to heed to the demands of politicians, leftist media pressure, idealist, activist, foreign actors and financial interest groups; In fact, the military at this point should only listen to itself because as I pointed above the government has forsaken the constitution already. The political and bureaucratic class is not above the military class; it’s the military class who is above the political class — for in the end of the road —no member of congress can replace the life of a serviceman who died in combat to defend the constitution that government, progressive activists and foreign agents seek to destroy with their devise ideological reforms. The military is a unifying force, politics a devise force.

The millennial and x-generation not only hate and rubbish baby boomer control over policy and government, but also despise the very foundation and pillars of capitalism. As pointed on my previous post, the rise of past Bolshevik and proto-anarchist ideologies have risen in the past decade to staggering numbers all across the US; with the emergence of progressivism, the radicalization of soviet utopias in education has stimulated a counterrevolution to defeat corporatism and globalization inside many university classrooms. The baby boomer generation embraces the libertarian economic model, and degrades the economic progressive model that young Americans try to adopt.  The millennial and x-generation have also shown alarming signs of inherit comfort to compete in the globalized economy; citizenship means entitlement, and entitlement means lack of efficiency on financial sectors when preference doesn’t present a realistic alternative of financial survival.

Millennials and Generation X, have chosen to benefit from a flawed system originally introduced by the baby boomer generation. An ‘American dream’ not standardized upon the hard work ethic of the silent generation, but a credit generation —aka baby boomers — where borrowed money means financial freedom, profit debt and dependency! Consumerism is the model that baby boomers promote and credit is the force behind lavish expenditure that has ultimately hurt the nation. The government acts like a medium for financial institutions, like diviner uses demons to speak on its behalf; consequently, the government encourages consumers to spend and not save, withholding the growth of the middle class. The middle class never truly existed in America, because most people buy themselves back to poverty with the encouragement of government mediums that represent powerful banks on Wall Street. Such dependency on credit and loans has tampered the culture of new Americans, who were taught to spend money without saving and sacrificing to attain concessions. In contrast, whereas the silent generation was able to liftoff from the Great Depression — with hard work and determination to succeed — they worked any job available to socially flourish. In addition, many millennials under the Great Recession depend on credit to subsist, never capable of saving money and moving forward. Such dependency on credit, has also resulted in low productivity and the end of the working class in America. Black America —once over employed – is now under employed, losing terrain in the job market against new ethnic groups that take full advantage of the system. The new immigrants are akin the silent generation, they save money and take any job available to succeed regardless of status to abandon poverty.  Therefore the Jobs available in the crop fields of America are considered underprivileged and neglected — prestigiously inadequate for the uneducated US youth without skills — seeking the need to work only under comfortable conditions that fit an unqualified resume. The immigrant will take those jobs — and not only is she/he willing to get paid less —- but work with greater efficiency and longer hours to eliminate the competition making them difficult to replace. How can the US youth, even stand a chance competing against these newcomers?

The unskillful US youth wants the fruits of entitlement, but lag well behind in work ethic compared to the millions of immigrants that come to America and compete in the free market. The immigrants never served under the ideological influence of baby boomers and depend on their hard work to thrive and compete. Latino, Asian and Mexican workers simply master the low unskilled market with greater work efficiency without unions and regulators interceding for their rights. Its easy employment with greater efficacy; immigrants take farm, textile and service jobs — work harder — get paid less. Small-medium enterprises hire immigrants and illegals over the spoiled American youth that seek the fruits of financial freedom without struggle and hard work — mainly thanks to the destructive policies of baby boomers like former president Bill Clinton, who allowed trade deals like NAFTA, without better preparing the American youth to compete with outside players. The left buried the fundamental principles of work discipline and work efficiency. Abandoned the youth under predatory laws and credit abuse, at the cost of making ‘real money’ from outsourcing cheaper labor overseas; the consumerism of a brainwashed youth of millennials and X’ers, who’re stuck inside a psychological quagmire that Hillary Clinton ironically labelled as the ‘basement dweller’ generation. The left completely betrayed its recipients, and liberal voters know it. The youth is indebted to loans and is unable to compete with foreign players that show relentless determination to succeed deprived of government aid, relying only on themselves to survive. The average immigrant is highly more competitive than the average US citizen, especially those who’re blinded by the spoils of capitalism and privilege — seeking for support and assistance – rather than sacrifice and hard work.

While the average millennial despises the idea of working in the crop fields of America, the average millennial is also incapable of competing on scientific university related programs. The average educated millennial overwhelmingly select Bachelor of Arts majors, but find it hard to enroll on Bachelor of Science majors. Thanks again to the baby boomer generation that progressively ruined with false narratives the philanthropic expectations of America’s youth, painting a world of class entitlement deprived of hard work ethic — otherwise known as the ‘American Dream’ which has created a consciousness of frustration among millennials in the US to seek a better life. Sometimes, the best way to enter Rome is not a straight path; you have to take a giant loop to achieve the same goal. The baby boomers taught you not to rely on yourself, but many learned from the silent generation how hard it is to achieve financial success. During a recession few companies need painters, music artist, public relations, designers, photographers, philosophers, botanist, etc. Companies require engineers, doctors, chemist, geophysicist among other harder majors – and immigrants are taking all the harder courses and finding jobs. The Latino (mainly Mexicans) and Asian population will replace the middle class, or whatever is left of it.

With the rise of anarchist, Marxist and communist ideals swarming higher education; the bacchanalia between elitist, technocrats, bureaucrats and politicians; the corporate and political control of radio, print and telecommunications and bias of the media; the imminent rise of social media, Independent News Networks and anti-government organizations; the new ethnic phenomena and social replacement of traditional American working values; the US will suffer a political implosion that won’t end with democracy. The key element is the military and its relation with the political and civil class. If the civil and political class despise each other, the military is the only force capable of retaking the country and evanesce the constitution; the military should sort-out to eliminate all ideologies that oppose nationalism, patriotism — and ideologies that comprise chauvinism and jingoism sponsored by the progressive mainstream media –which they wrongly label as fascism; therefore, controlling all resources with regulations and ideological bans to stop Wall Street and the counterrevolutionary rise of proto-soviet and anarchist factions from asserting control of the country. If the military doesn’t harshly intervene, a civil war will spark with the up-rise of the proletarian class that will demand to control resources against government and corporate interest; the constitution is doomed either way. The new insurrectionists coming out of college will be on the hedge-front of the counterrevolution that will likely divide US states into separate independent nations. Also if a second civil war ignites, power houses like China and Russia will take over the world by controlling trade. The civil war would kill millions of people, and PMC’s and PSC’s would fight against an ideologically divided military –which would eventually collapse; nothing good. Foreign interventionism in America would likely be likely scenario during a civil war. Therefore, the military has the option to take over government, and stop the ideological drift that has pushed constitutional freefall since Wall Street and the corrupted media took control of the country. The military should limit political and bureaucratic actors and act as regulators.

The political class has cheated the military and brainwashed people to believe that democracy is the ultimate social good; when democracy itself with the help of neo-conservatives, liberals and the progressive left have absolutely betrayed the constitution and the principles that protect all people under national law against leftist dogmas. The military knows its role and how it can change the country. The military also knows that the country is only going to self-destruct itself if it continues to be ideologically divided. The military will reformat the social brainwash imposed on millennials by baby boomers, and share its military discipline with youngsters to compete and outwork against foreign competitors, giving US citizens the edge in skills and work ethic. The military should also crackdown on the mainstream media networks, and regulate their influence over the ignorant men and women who believe everything they hear — trusting national news — thinking they don’t impose a biased agenda not having time to research and fact check lies.  If the US continues to stay divided the country will burst into chaos, and a dictatorship will eventually sprout sooner than later. Democracies leaning left end with dictatorships. It’s time for the military to not bow to politicians and citizens who oppose their cause and sacrifice, and stand up for themselves because they’re the ultimate force that sustains the US and protects its interest worldwide against foreign intruders. It’s not a question of if, but a question of when; only a dictatorship can change America: Democracy is under siege.



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