The Mexican vs Black American Ethnic War Is A Ticking Bomb

By Jaime Ortega.

The Mexican vs Black American Ethnic War Is A Ticking Bomb

The Mexican vs Black American Ethnic War Is A Ticking Bomb

After years of troublesome signs, the liberal media has done a tedious job covering the relationship between Hispanics and blacks — particularly the relationship involving Mexicans and blacks in low income neighborhoods across the US. One of the reasons the liberal media has left the conflict aside outside most editorial desk is because it fears taking sides on a new ethnic war which involves minorities that support Democrats.  The liberal media has advocated ethnic wars fume by consenting black and white supremacist groups to benefit from the media’s plot to turn every cop versus black issue into a racial agenda.  Yet, the media is dead silent about the racial tension boiling between Mexicans and blacks across the nation, living in low income communities — a lid to burst sooner than later.

The Mexican migratory waves are pushing black communities on the south and the southwest further away from the suburbs into isolated areas. First generation Mexican families living in the US, patronize their culture and willingly segregate their communities to detach themselves from external influences. Most first generation Mexicans are religious traditionalist who neglect adopting the progressive American lifestyle, which they view as corrosive, anti-religious and individualistic.  Mexican illegal and legal immigrants left Mexico to seek new opportunities out of financial necessity and not out of personal choice.

In the 40’s and 50’s blacks were overemployed, the black working class reached a historical peak and thrived in almost every blue collar sector. The black American working class not only worked hard, but helped rebuilt America during the recovery of the Great Depression.

Blacks in America adopted the progressive and liberal forms of politics in the 70’s – It is not coincidence that to this day, the black majority continues to embrace the Democratic Party showing loyalty to its cause. The exponential decline of the black working class is glued with the adoption of progressive values; the correlation shows its no coincidence black traditionalism faded away as times changed. Traditionalism in black communities faded away and conservatism was replaced with Darwinian education coated with progressive values. The Darwinian model was anarchist and pro-separation of church and state. The Woodstock generation of 1969 took the black baby boomer generation into unknown ideological waters where anarchism and hippy contra-culture corroded black traditionalism.

Drugs started to engulf entire black communities, and as a result ravaged and destroyed the bonds holding black families together. Darwinian education led many progressive blacks to embrace Planned Parenthood — and a large populace of uneducated black women aborted babies at rate never before observed in black history. It was the progressive educated black men and woman who led the uneducated black working class into a social downfall spiral. Just as many blacks in America abandoned traditionalism and conservative values and became addicted to narcotics, most black communities today are ‘hooked’ to federal programs; many families depend on federal aid to subsist and pay for housing. The few black men who escape poverty tend to become highly successful, and completely forget the perils behind their rundown neighborhoods as hopeless; even though, recently a few Hip Hop artist have waged a campaign to fund education and promote entrepreneurship in predominately black neighborhoods.

Mexicans started in low income areas and over the decades settled on predominantly large black communities to begin their new American experience. The first migratory integration of Mexicans in black communities was opposed by xenophobic blacks who rejected the adoption of outsiders into their neighborhoods. In the early 70’s blacks still suffered the consequences of white supremacist, but as Mexican waves settled in black communities, blacks started to discriminate against Mexicans.  The second Mexican American generation attended schools in predominantly black districts and suffered from constant ethnic prejudice. As discrimination against Mexicans grew into violence, second generation Mexicans united and formed their own communities inside black communities. Integration was not possible, and as a result tension among both ethnic groups boiled – drugs only exacerbated the problem. With drug trade running the streets both ethnic groups incited violence against each-other and fights turned into retaliatory murders. The innocent lives taken away from the drug wars and gang violence permeated into the larger populace of both ethnic groups creating animosity between the two. For the past 40 years, the black versus Mexican phenomena has worsen to unprecedented levels.

For years, the growing tension between blacks and Mexicans contained resentment and hatred – it became a cultural norm.  As time progressed, black women aborted children at an alarming rate and helped lower the black population to significant levels. Such move was managed by the progressive movement to help lower the numbers of blacks in America and control their population with free government fund clinics; on the other hand, Mexicans never fully adopted the Darwinian progressive model led by more Americanized progressive Mexican leaders, and stuck with their catholic values. The Mexican population will quadruple the black population in less than 10 years, and it will collide and financially disfranchise black communities with racial oppression and violence, if crimes rates continue to grow in ghettos across America. The hate against blacks won’t just come from Mexicans, but also Hispanics.

As Mexicans and Hispanics move to positions of power and infiltrate the government with policies of self-preservation, black leaders will feel threatened by the initiative to focus on their communities instead of black neighborhoods. The reason blacks feel threatened is because Hispanics and Mexicans will become majority numbers inside many black communities and suburban low income projects. Mexicans and Hispanics who felt discriminated by blacks during their first migratory waves will undoubtedly unite to combat prejudice against them. Many of the Mexicans taking positions of government started in low income areas and lived alongside black communities – making future Hispanic leaders instinctively oppose blacks due to past frenzy between the two ethnic groups. The Hispanics and Mexicans cater to their own social problems and will never fully support black problems as long as it conflicts with their interest.

Unlike many white kids who fear blacks, Mexicans don’t fear blacks. Based on the statistics I collected in 2015, a majority of Mexicans dislikes blacks and despise their lifestyle. Many Mexicans view blacks as crybabies who whine about life, not working hard to escape poverty. The average Mexican views himself as a tireless worker capable of taking on any job and situation without external help, and simply views blacks as people who leach from the grapevines of other people’s vineyards without taking self responsibility.  Unlike the 40’s and 50’s where the black working class thrived, today the average low income Mexican outworks and out-skills the average working black man. The average unqualified Mexican takes on jobs like dish washing, car cleaning, carpet cleaning, construction, cooks, janitorial, housekeeping, textile production, crop picking, cow dung collecting and other low skilled jobs; uneducated blacks simply avoid low skilled jobs opting to work in better sectors or simply join gangs — very few continue to thrive in the blue collar sector.  Blacks are on a precarious situation and have reached a worrisome, and problematic future. Mexicans take black jobs and outwork blacks; Mexicans are pushing blacks out of their communities as their numbers grow; Mexicans will significantly outnumber blacks four to one, and will challenge the dominance of the white population soon.

Many blacks and Mexicans have to coexist together in low income areas. But what started as black discrimination against Mexican immigration in the early 70’s, will spill into a greater ethnic collision since bad blood between the two groups never fully croaked. Mexicans share the same cultural bonds, language and skin color; many Mexican parents don’t want their children to become part of the black community or associate themselves with blacks. Blacks also see Mexicans as inferior to them and view them as threats to their own cultural subsistence. Blacks see Mexicans as outsiders who are taking their jobs, steadily conquering their communities. The ethnic tension continues to worsen and it will soon spill into greater violence as time progresses, and the issue is silenced by the liberal media.  The media has done a poor job in reporting the growing ethnic conflict that promises to become a great peril between minorities in the future.  It is also likely that the Asian communities living in low income areas will join the Mexican minorities to expel blacks from their communities as they also suffered discrimination from blacks when they settled as newcomers.

Many blacks are being killed by Mexicans. The tables have turned and the liberal media wants to stay out of the conflict to show impartiality even though they not show it when it comes down to blacks versus white stories. The issue needs to be addressed because the problem is here to stay and its a few steps from becoming the new American ethnic war.

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