Imam Nidal Alsayyed explains why he got fired from his organization

Interview conducted by Jaime Ortega.


Nidal Alsayyed

He used to be the Religious Director and Imam of the Islamic Society of Triplex (Beaumont, TX) till he appeared on Hannity Show on Fox on December 9th, 2015  . He has over 15 years of combined experience in Islamic capital markets, Shari’ah Fiqh rulings, and Islamic Financial Transactions (Islamic Law). He was a senior contract research officer at Central Bank Malaysia (ISRA), the Director of educational and technology services at Effat University, Saudi Arabia, senior financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (Chicago, IL).

1. You spoke in support of Donald Trump regarding his strategy to bill a temporary ban on Muslims from overseas coming to US soil. What exactly made you support Trump? Do you think the media blew Trumps remarks out of proportion?

Simply because we are dealing with the unknown and safety is a priority. Safety comes before Islam. I totally believe the media tried under value his statement, while they know it being unprecedented and courageous to express the issue at this level of his prudential campaign!

2. Most Syrian refuges come to America to escape the civil war. How can the US Immigration and Costumes clearly identify Syrian refugees who are not part of a terrorist cell?

It is not possible. Mistakes can still happen and the cost is lives. Intelligence can minimize the possibility of getting like those suspicious radicalized individuals, but terrorists sleeping cells are almost impossible to detect…

3. Do you believe or know other Imams in America that also support your stance and agree with Trump?

I do for sure know some; but the problem they cannot speak publically! Not everyone can easily afford losing his job!

4.Do you believe they are mosques in America that teach against western values and call for violence?

I believe they are not teaching any American values…and that will result in something similar to violence and more in extreme cases.

5. They are many branches of Islam in America, some even American born like Nation of Islam (NOI), which branches of Islam could possibly present a contradictory view against the US constitution? Would people that support Wahabism and Salafi doctrines be more likely to have a radical view of American politics?

Mostly the isolated branches and subgroups that are not part of major known group (like Wahabi or Salafi…etc.)…basically they branch out and create their own version of believe, that is why I am saying it is complicated …

6. Have a lot of people threaten you? Are they mostly Muslims or from other religious backgrounds?  

At least 6 anonymous number till now! 100% Muslims.

7. Before you were forced to leave the Islamic Center of Triplex in Beaumont Texas, how was your relationship with your superiors? Why did they get so upset with you? Do you think it’s constitutionally fair under the right of freedom of speech to discharge from your job based on your opinion?

Relationship was perfect. The only reason they were upset (especially the most influential member of them) is due to the fact that my view point about insuring safety of our people happened to agree with Trump and they are supporting the Hilary Clinton campaign.

8. Does the Islamic Center of Triplex believe in the American constitution based upon your experience?

They agree to it in form; but not necessarily in substance!

9. What message does it send to Americans the fact that you got threaten by an American-Muslims association for not violating the first amendment? Are Americans going to be more suspicious about Muslim radical dogmas after you got fired from your job?

Simply that they have no tolerance to differences of opinions and the inherent violent characteristics. They better be careful too.

10. The Muslim Brotherhood owns MSA, CAIR, MAS, NAIT, ISNA and other Islamic organizations inside America. Does the Muslim Brotherhood also have links with ICT?

Not necessarily owned by the Muslim Brotherhood as far as I know. The problem it is hard to tell who is moderate and who is not!

11. What is the best way to stop the radical indoctrination of Islam to young Muslims living in America?

To intensify education and knowledge and create a government organization (entity) that can regulate their affairs and programs.

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