Interestingly or not, As the Case May Be, Expert Darwin Advisor Resigns Following New Revelations of Darwin’s Proven Lies

– By Mike Sutton –

Darwin id proven to have lied about Matthew's influence on those who influenced him

Darwin is newly 100 per cent proven to have lied about Matthew’s influence on those who influenced him

The peer reviewed article in question is here:   

So for the history of science record, the known public facts of the matter are simply this

The 100 per cent proven facts in my peer reviewed paper, are published in a Polish science journal Filozoficzne Aspekty Genezy, Philosophical Aspects of Origin. Moreover, the esteemed Darwinist Senior Lecturer on the history of science, Dr John van Wyhe, who has been a member of the Polish science journal’s expert advisory team since at least 2014, was on the journal’s academic expert advisory board before, at the time this paper was submitted, during its peer review process, and also immediately after it was published. Soon after publication, for some reason unknown to me, Dr van Wyhe resigned that position.

In light of the “New Facts”, these are interesting times to be a Darwin scholar.

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