Missile Defense Systems in the Balkans

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A Serbian jet fighter, the Army of Serbia (VS) MiG-21, crashed yesterday near the village of Basina in Western Serbia.  Aleksandar Vucic is the President of Serbia. Vucic attended the University of Belgrade School of Law. A Serbian delegation visited the White House earlier this month to sign an agreement about Kosovo. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.

Albania, Bosnia, and Kosovo are Muslim enclaves in the Balkans. The Kosovars are ethnically Albanian. Bosnia remains an important port for the German military because Sarajevo trades in Bosnian mark. It’s called the Bosnian convertible mark. East Germany traded in East German mark and West Germany traded in West German mark. Frankfurt is the German banking district.

There might be airbases in Kosovo that manage regional trade. Kosovo is inland but Albania and Bosnia are ports. Albania has both strategic ports and railroads. The Germans might trade through both Albanian ports and Bosnian ports. It’s controversial generally about military radios used for international trade.

The Germans used to test warplanes in the Libyan desert. There were military research facilities near the border between Egypt and Libya. Dresden, Germany is in the south near the Czech Republic. Prague used to be in Czechoslovakia. There were dive bomber training schools in Dresden in the early twentieth century. During the Cold War there were reports about labor strikes in both East Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Radio signals are sent south from Dresden, Germany to Bosnia about trade. Benghazi and Tripoli are Libyan ports. Historically there have been labor strikes in Libya. The labor unions in Libya might be ethnically German labor unions. Berlin is the seat of Prussia. It’s possible that Libyan labor unions are ethnically Prussian labor unions.

The Germans make missile defense systems. It’s controversial about nanotechnology and weaponry. The Serbian plane might have crashed because of a missile defense system. The plane was flying in Serbia. Airbases nearby might have sent a radio transmission toward the plane which caused the plane to crash.

In recent years there have been high profile accounts about warplanes crashing in Anatolia and the Levant. A Russian plane crashed over Turkey and the pilots died in 2015. There were reports that Turkish gunmen shot the pilot who survived the crash. Anatolia is known as Turkey or Western Asia. The Russian plane was shot down while it was flying over Turkey and then Turkish infantrymen went looking for the pilots.

In the Levant, a Russian plane was shot down in 2018. It might be there are missile defense systems in the Levant and the cargo plane flew too close to them. Missile defense systems might be responsible for all three of these plane crashes. The Germans have developed radios that can send long distance transmissions with precision. Weapons platforms in Anatolia and the Levant receive signals from German land positions.

There remains an observable disparity in wealth between Germany’s west and Germany’s east. The process of rebuilding East Germany would have been expensive. The German military seems to use radio technology for trade. There are concerns about market prices and there are reports about inflation. Inflation has been reported recently in Beirut.

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