Unknown Civilization: Mouth Shoria megaliths



By Jaime Ortega.

A mysterious discovery was made a few months ago that could turn the theory of ancient engineering upside down.

An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains on accident by Russian explorer Georgy Sidorov .  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.

Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 8


Here’s the story, as reported by archaeologist John Jensen via his personal blog andAcademia.edu:

“I subscribe to a couple of Russian Blogs and Websites that post various data and information without the typical hype and filters of Western Science, Academia and the Press, let alone the fringe and “Alien” woo-woo crowd interests. The following are photos of some Super Megaliths from Southern Siberia near the mountains of Gornaya Shoria.

The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov on a recent expedition to the Southern Siberian mountains. The following images are from Valery Uvarov’s Russian website.

There is little commentary on Valery’s site, so the images are displayed here without much comments, other than my own limited observations.”

The following is an excerpt from a story on a Russian news source

Some events that were happening during the autumn expedition could probably be called mystical. The compasses of the geologists behaved very strangely, for some unknown reason their arrows were deviating from the megaliths. What could this mean? All that was clear was that they came across an inexplicable phenomenon of the negative geomagnetic field. Could this be a remnant of ancient antigravity technologies?

Of course much more research needs to be done on this site.

Nobody knows who cut these stones or how old they are.

Jensen believes that they come from a time “well back into the mists of pre-history”

These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.



Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 6


The discovery holds an important clue on ancient technology, as for many historians and archaeologist like in the case of  Randy Koppang , who holds the idea of mainstream ancient civilizations to remain clueless with recent discoveries found in Baalbeek (Lebanon), Giza (Egypt), Sacsayhuaman (Peru), Stonehenge (England), Puma Punku (Bolivia) and other pre-Sumerian civilizations.

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