Albert Boufarah of SAMR Inc. Explains How to Secure Hard Drives Before Recycling

Albert Boufarah of SAMR Inc. Explains How to Secure Hard Drives Before Recycling

Throughout the United States and around the world, there is a growing proliferation of electronic waste, which many attribute to technology evolving at a faster pace now than ever before. Computers and other electronic equipment are improperly disposed of with household trash or dumped in outdoor areas, leaving the environment vulnerable to contamination and exposing potentially sensitive data to bad actors.

Recycling computer equipment is vital for protecting the environment and protecting your organization’s data. However, there are certain steps that you should follow to prepare your computers for proper recycling.

Albert Boufarah, the CEO of Lakewood, NJ-based computer recycling company SAMR Inc., discusses what you need to do to ensure your hard drives will be secure and unable to be hacked into by data scavengers. He explains how you can work with a reputable recycling firm to ensure your data is permanently destroyed.

1. Backup Your Data

The first step in the hard drive recycling process should always be backing up your data. Organizations of all types and sizes and individual computer owners should have robust backup programs so that their data is kept secure. The last thing you want to do is realize that you left important personal data (including financial information & web browsing history) on your old hard drive, but you can gain peace of mind by partnering with an experienced electronics recycling firm like SAMR Inc. which makes data security their top priority.

2. Explore Your Options

It’s important to choose wisely when it comes to moving out your obsolete electronic equipment. When taking the environment & your personal data into account, you do not want to leave your devices in a place where they can contaminate our surroundings or get hacked into easily. When you use a recycling company with the expertise of SAMR Inc., you can rest easy knowing that from the time your device enters their transport vehicles to their arrival at their facility, the company’s stringent security procedures will ensure that they never end up in the wrong hands. 

3. Recycle Your Machine

The final step in the data destruction process is taking your computer to a qualified recycling center. These specialized facilities can remove both toxic and valuable materials from the computer and recycle or prepare them to be repurposed properly.

Working With a Trusted Computer Recycling Firm

Albert Boufarah and his firm, SAMR Inc., can help you simplify the process of recycling computers and securing their data. Many enterprises recycle dozens or even hundreds of computers simultaneously, and it can take up your IT workers’ valuable time to physically destroy each hard drive individually.

After the backup process, a trusted recycling firm can take the reins on the data destruction end of things. Professional computer recyclers like SAMR Inc. have special equipment on site that wipes hard drives to DOD (Department of Defense) standards or can physically destroy them. When you work with a computer recycling firm you can trust, you will take much of the guesswork out of disposing of a large volume of computer hardware. 

Reasons Why Hard Drive Erasure is Vital

Many business and personal computers contain sensitive personal and financial data. Personal computers contain credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords for banks and credit cards, and other financially sensitive data. Business computers may contain this type of data for the individuals who use them during the workday. They may also carry confidential company information and other data that should be secured.

Taking Computer Security Seriously

All computer users should take it upon themselves to ensure their devices are handled responsibly to avoid a potential data breach. Albert Boufarah reminds us that serious problems can occur if data is left unsecured.If your company needs to dispose of used computer equipment, contact SAMR Inc. for information on its hard drive destruction and computer recycling services. Working with an experienced e-waste recycling company will give you the peace of mind that comes with having a partner that takes your data security as seriously as you do.

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