Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics

Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics

As we move further into the digital age, a new generation of ‘smart’ equipment is evolving, with touch-screen solutions and smart technology replacing mechanical systems and this is where white glove logistics comes into play.

What exactly is white glove logistics?

The definition of white glove logistics is the transportation, handling, positioning and installation of technical equipment; equipment such as ATMs, gaming & vending machines, touch-screen information boards, all forms of digital signage, medical equipment and access control systems. If, for example, you wanted to relocate your data centre, the white glove logistics provider would handle such a project, while a hospital would receive final mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech of a new MRI scanner, which must be carefully maneuvered into position.

Manufacturer Approved

When working with high calibre technical equipment, the manufacturer decides who handles the product and the team that install the equipment must be certified by the manufacturer. The range of equipment the white glove technician covers is extensive and a technician might specialise in ATMs or digital signage, while another might work exclusively with high grade medical equipment. A portion of the technician’s time is taken up with learning about new equipment, which is always being rolled out and the technician would attend installation workshops to gain the necessary certification.

Reverse Logistics

This is a service that is frequently required, when a piece of technical equipment must be returned from the end user to the manufacturer, either due to malfunction or it has simply reached the end of its lifespan. The white glove team are able to dismantle, transport and deliver the said equipment to the manufacturer and should a replacement be required, they would also handle this. Click here for an interesting article on how quantum computing might affect cyber-security.

Industries That Rely on White Glove Logistics

The business sectors that require specialist white glove services include:

  • Banking & Finance – ATMs and other banking equipment, such as money counters and forgery detector machines.
  • Vending & Gaming – Touch-screen equipment.
  • Digital Signage – This is the next generation of advertising.
  • Healthcare – Fitness equipment.
  • Medical Equipment – MRI and CT scanning machines. Robotic surgery is another domain of the white glove technician.
  • IT – Data centre relocation and removal. IT hardware replacement and WEE disposal.
  • Access Control Systems – Train stations and sports arenas.
  • Manufacturing – State of the art robotic systems are installed and managed by white glove technicians.
  • Telecommunications – Setting up secure networks for stock exchanges and digital markets. High profile video conferencing at government level.
  • Museums – Touch-screen information boards.

As you can see, the range of sectors that use white glove logistics is varied and the number will increase as new tech emerges, making white glove logistics a very prominent industry. If for any reason, you need to install technical equipment, search with Google for white glove logistics near me and contact a leading provider for an all-inclusive quote for the project.

We are moving into a new dimension of digital tech, with the imminent rollout of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) and the white glove logistics provider plays an important role.

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