Computer Recycling: Taking Data Security As Seriously As You Do

From the origins of refrigerator-sized cabinets to the contemporary pocket-sized models we see today, computer technology has advanced so much over the last 50+ years. Besides the substantially more compact units, devices hold more pertinent data than ever before. It has never been more important than it is right now to ensure the information on your discarded laptops, desktops & phones is handled with the utmost care. 

If anyone can tell you the importance of proper data management, it is those who work in information technology and in particular for businesses in the financial, medical & legal industries. It is in these industries where the highest priority is never allowing internal information to end up in the hands of bad actors. These companies trust the experienced Computer Recycling for proper hard drive destruction & responsible recycling of all the electronics they take in.

What sets Computer Recycling apart from others in the industry? A company spokesperson laid out the specific differences.

Secure Data Destruction for all Devices

When in doubt, always choose a company that can provide evidence that they stand behind their work. Computer Recycling uses a state of the art shredder that completely destroys hard drives to ensure that no data stored on them can ever possibly be recovered through reassembly. For pickups, they offer on-site data destruction that can be witnessed by a representative of your company as an option. In addition, they provide a Certificate of Destruction to verify that the work has been completed.

Following Thorough Procedures to Ensure Correct Completion of Tasks

Especially in large volume recycling, it’s very easy for certain items to get lost in the shuffle. When you work with a company that has the experience and certifications of Computer Recycling, they can provide you (upon request) with counts & serial numbers of all the items that they recycle. They handle your equipment the same way that you do, and understand just how important their responsibility is as a recycler to epitomize good stewardship of the environment.

Compliance with All State & Federal Regulations

Going the extra mile & never compromising in reaching the standard of excellence: that’s what Computer Recycling was founded on over 20 years ago and what is still at the center of their operating model today. They adhere to the rules & regulations posted by the federal government and states which they operate in, which means if you want to ensure that your equipment doesn’t take up space in a landfill, you’ll be in good hands with Computer Recycling.

A Commitment to our Ecological Responsibilities as Global Citizens

For Computer Recycling, it’s about so much more than the typical motives for operating a business. They want to leave a cleaner, greener planet for those who will eventually inherit it. 

Many companies have come & gone since they started, but Computer Recycling and its dedicated staff have and will continue to serve the e-waste recycling needs of businesses, schools, and organizations for decades to come. When asked what is behind their longevity, their spokesperson said “It’s partially word of mouth, and in addition, we’ve been told that our sincerity and how serious we are about this comes across in our job performance.”.

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