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The National Council of Educational Research and Training is popularly known as NCERT. It is a governing body established in 1961, that focuses on publishing books for various subjects. These books include texts and questions with practice solutions. The books issued by NCERT are mostly recommended for CBSE boards as it helps in building a strong foundation of education in schools.


NCERT books are trusted across several schools and boards for giving effective knowledge to students that help them to face new challenges in their favourite topics. The important aspects of this autonomous body are:

  • It is popularly known for providing concepts in a detailed manner.
  • The content in these books is in simple language. 
  • The authenticity and accuracy of the subject matter are very high.
  • It gives perfection in the syllabus to students preparing for board examinations.

Where to look for NCERT Books

If you are preparing for your boards or want expertise in your subject, you might be searching for books on different shops. The search is not easy with every book looking almost similar. In addition, the stress of going and buying books from different shops is quite high. 

At this crucial time of a pandemic, it would be exciting for you to know that now, you can get your subject book and solution online. The online websites today are doing a great job to supply the study material for you wherever and whenever you need it. NCERT Books are more common today on these websites. You can easily download the books in PDF form. These are available for each subject, topic-wise. 

NCERT is known for the provision of study material for almost every subject especially for classes 9 to 12. NCERT Books for Class 12 All Subjects are available online on different sites. The most popular sites should be on your search first.

These websites provide free study material for students as well as various courses with teachers and experts. You can access video material and theory for your preparation.

What does NCERT Provide?

The medium of books published by NCERT is English. These Books come in different purposes:

  • They will give solutions to questions.
  • Previous year papers with solutions 
  • Sample papers for your practice.
  • Revision Notes
  • Important Questions for perfection.

Subjects under NCERT

NCERT is known for coverage of almost all subject papers. It gives books for different subjects that include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business Study, Biology, etc. A brief overview of subjects and topics covered under NCERT are:

  • Mathematics

Integration, differentiation, complex numbers, trigonometric solutions, each topic is covered and explained in the books very concisely. The approach used to solve questions is easy to understand and practice. The questions cover almost every topic that has the probability to come into the examination. 

It gives detailed information to students on how to prepare better for exams by learning from their mistakes. It removes the fear of Mathematics from the student’s mind so that he can understand it thoroughly.

  • English

NCERT has 2 sets for class 12 English that are Flamingo and Vistas. Out of which, Flamingo includes prose and poetry while short stories are covered in Vistas. It provides a unique approach for the student towards the text and gives a diverse way of thinking to them.

The Chapters are arranged in such a manner that students are interested in reading the texts and focus on details through perception. The students give their literature paper much better if prepared by these books.

  • Physics

The books have the perfect blend of theories, laws, and phenomena for students of Physics. A subject like this is not prepared by memorization. Conceptual knowledge plays a vital role in this field. NCERT performs best in giving simplified solutions step by step that helps students to perform better. 

Wave optics, atoms, electromagnetic induction, each topic is discussed in a simple way that makes these books perfect for students. 

  • Chemistry

In the NCERT class 12 books for chemistry, both subjective and objective content is taken into consideration. Chemistry is the subject where one can score highest by the simple understanding of concepts. These PDFs help the student to practice every equation and also give last-minute revision topics. Solid State, electrochemistry, biomolecules, each of these topics has a separate PDF available for class 12 students.

  • Biology

Biology is the most important subject for students that want to go for a medical or pharmaceutical field. Every chapter including plant biology, human physiology, biotechnology, etc. has a detailed explanation for students that helps them to clear all their doubts. 

Class 12 NCERT books include all the important information related to the syllabus in their books. The diagrams are provided that help to make the subject interesting and easier to grasp.

  • Economics

Class 12 Economics books are published in two parts- microeconomics and macroeconomics. These help the students to understand different concepts and methodologies more clearly. 

The focus of the book is kept on discussing the fundamentals of the subject so that study is not made complex for new students. The explanation of key topics is in such a way that students are confident and clear in their knowledge. 

  • Accountancy

Class 12 students can attain full marks in Accountancy if they do continuous practice and correct their mistakes. NCERT books give accuracy to students in the subject. The material is provided in such a way that students get a chance to solve each type of problem with precision. 

The book has two parts in it that are – Partnership Accounts, Company Accounts, and Analysis of Financial Statements that help students in their preparation.

  • Business Studies

Business studies is a subject that is crucial not only for boards but also for future students who want to pursue their careers in business. Consistent guidance is provided to students so that they can achieve greatness in the examination. NCERT books help students to understand the subject in detail without mugging up. 

These Class 12 NCERT books provide concise and informative content for the CBSE syllabus. These online study materials provide the best opportunity for students for gaining tremendous knowledge. 

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