How Can You Earn Money on the Area 51 Trend?


Have you heard of Area 51? This is a popular, long-standing mystery that’s been troubling the world for decades. It’s the rumor of alien secrets that are spread within a remote desert location. Lately, the story has experienced somewhat of a reboot in the social media world. 

It all started with a Facebook event created as a joke. The area 51 event called for people to take over the desert site where aliens are kept and take over it. It was called Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop All of Us. The event is scheduled to take place on September the 20th. At this point, the people who selected ‘attend’ exceed a number of 1.5 million!

The Story behind Area 51

People have been reporting alien sightings since forever. The data goes back to the 1950s where the first U.F.O.s was reported at the military base at Southern Nevada. Nine years later, the Evening Gazette of Reno published their unique story called ‘More flying objects seen in Clark Sky’. In this story, people read about the sightings of Sgt. Wayne Anderson from the sheriff’s office, as well as other locals who’ve seen a bright green object that descended toward the earth at great speed.

CIA reported that flight testings were performed in secret in the area in the period after 1955. This is when the first sightings came out. However, this was far from enough to convince the residents there that what they saw were not aliens. 

That was just the beginning of Area 51. The official name was created by the Nevada Test and Training Range located at Groom Lake. The site is still kept secret, but the rumors have long been hovering over the public.

It wasn’t until 2013 where the public finally found out about Area 51. Dr. Jeffrey Richelson who worked at the National Security Archive at the George Washington University, submitted a request for Freedom of Information Act in 2005. His request was for information about the reconnaissance program for the Lockheed U-2 plane by the CIA, the testing, and the secret construction of the same. Few years later, the CIA had to declassify these documents that explained much about Area 51. 

Of course, their data reveal mentioned no green men. There’s definitely an overlap in the periods where the U-2 flights were tested and the U.F.O. sightings were reported. However, the claims of many simply don’t fit to the CIA’s story in full.

Why Is It a Trend Today?

All the fuss surrounding Area 51 started when an event was created on Facebook. A person named Jackson Barns decided to create this event as a joke. After its creation, the post went viral. Right now, it involves the Monster energy drinks as well as the Naruto-running. 

Despite of his jokes and the actual note written for the US government telling them that it is not the creator’s real intention to actually do this, there are now millions of people who signed up to attend. 

What started off as a joke became a mega-viral raid. You can now find thousands of memes and even a new music video created by the rapper Lil Nas X, all concerning this event. 

The government hasn’t really been able to avoid this matter. One US Air Force spokesperson told the media that they are strongly against the plans to raid the area. According to him, this is the place where the government trains the armed forces, and they will stay ready to protect the assets. 

How to Make Money Out of This?

A couple of YouTube videos were created online that explained different tips and ways to actually make money from this situation. As it turns out, people have some great ideas for making money out of this unexpected trend. 

There are now so many events that followed the initial one. If you open your Facebook profile and use the search option, you’ll even find an event for an after party!

As silly as this sounds, people have made actual money from this. A Google search will give you thousands of results, hundreds of which are posted on a daily basis. They write content and make videos. It’s a huge trend – even discussed in shows and by actual stars. 

Your limits are endless. You don’t have much time, but if you start working on this and leverage the best out of the situation, you can make a fortune from a silly hype that happened on the net! So, you have to do this quickly. If you study and want to earn some money to pay for your student loans, you should go and get college papers for sale to find the time to do this. It pays off by a lot – so hurry.

How can you make actual money?

People love trends and will do a lot to commemorate this, no matter how silly or unrealistic it is. So, a small search will give you merchandise option. People buy blouses, T-shirts, badges, and whatnot – as long as it has the Storm Area 51 name or idea on them.

This is how you can make money. People are selling these things in bulk! All you need is some imagination and basic design skills, order or make some clothes and other items, and start earning. 

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