How Many Sets of Scrubs Do You Really Need?  

Nearly all registered medics in Australia should have scrubs. Healthcare scrubs are lightweight, easy to wear, and offer protection against infectious fluids. If you are about to start your career in the industry, getting a set of scrubs is crucial to keep up with healthcare rules.

However, more than one set of scrubs is required if you have multiple weekly shifts. You need at least four good-quality scrubs to sustain you through the week.

Multiple sets of scrubs relieve you of your daily laundry needs when you are tired from work. They also keep you and your family safe because you won’t repeat a dirty scrub that can be infected.

Read on to learn why you should have many sets of scrubs, how to buy scrubs, and the maintenance tips.

Why You Should Have More Than One Set of Hospital Scrubs

You may need more than one pair of scrubs if you are a full-time health worker. A good rule of thumb is to have many sets of scrubs that will last you for the shifts you will be having per week.

For instance, you will need six sets of scrubs if you work five days a week. The extra set is for any emergency that makes you need to change before your shift over.

Nevertheless, you can start with three sets of scrubs if you have someone to clean them for you during the week.

So, why should you have many sets of scrubs, not just one or two? Here are the main reasons.

  • Laundry: Laundry is a constant struggle if you work full-time. When you have many pairs, you will be sure you have a clean pair of scrubs even when you come home late from work.
  • Reduce wear and tear: Hospital scrubs are lightweight and can easily wear off if you clean them every night. A few sets will serve you for an extended period compared to one set.
  • Remain safe: Hospital scrubs protect you from any bacteria you may contact when attending to patients. You should remove the scrubs immediately when not at work. Many sets of scrubs improve your safety because you won’t be repeating the dirty ones.

How to Buy the Right Scrubs

A scrub consists of a loose shirt and trousers. Each hospital has unique parameters for the size, color, and fit of the scrubs, but some hospitals allow medics to choose the scrubs of their needs. Here are helpful tips to consider if you can shop scrubs independently.

Be Picky About Color

Color therapy is vital in every hospital setting, so be keen on the vibe you pick. Unless your hospital specifies the color of scrubs to consider during your purchase, avoid intense colors like saturated red or intense back. Instead, consider energizing colors like yellow, blue, and green which keep your patients optimistic and not frighten them.

Choose Quality Materials

Quality is a great factor when buying the right hospital scrubs for needs. The last thing you want is to buy a poor-quality material that will easily get worn off during your shifts or fade the color! Check out this website to get a better idea of the quality medical scrubs should have.

Check Pockets

Pockets are not mandatory in scrubs, but they are a valuable addition to consider! Chances are you will have multiple hospital essentials in your pockets for convenience.

Confirm that the scrubs come with good pockets before you buy. Also, ensure the pockets are sturdy enough so that your essentials don’t fall when you are on duty.

Choose the Right Size

Scrubs should be comfortable to ease your movement when at work. Therefore, you should buy well-fitting scrubs that allow you to walk freely. You don’t have to buy baggy scrubs, but they should not be too tight to hinder your daily activities.

Try fitting them if you buy from a physical store, or check the measurements well when buying online.

Buy Soft

Soft, good-quality material is the best if you wear the subs for a long time. Cotton is the best fabric for good quality, soft scrubs.

Lastly, don’t forget to buy many!

How to Care For Your Scrubs

Scrubs need good care, cleaning, and maintenance to retain their shiny original look. Follow these practical tips to keep your scrubs looking good and fresh all through.

  • Pretreat your scrubs with cold water and vinegar when you bring them home before wearing them. You can treat the scrubs differently if they come in multiple colors.
  • Use stain remover- blood and chemical stains are inevitable when working in the medical industry. Remove the stain first before cleaning the scrubs.
  • Wash scrubs separately- do not mix scrubs with other clothes to avoid spreading germs and other opposable infections.
  • Inspect for spots and minor repairs before wearing them
  • Iron and keep your scrubs well.

Final Remarks

Scrubs are like a second skin to healthcare experts. They should be clean and well-fitted or loose. 5 to 6 scrubs are enough if you work full-time. If your budget is tight, start with three sets of scrubs and buy more with time.

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