How Much CBD Should You Consume For Shoulder Pain?

There has been a tremendous shift in how our body functions in the last few years. Unfortunately, this modern lifestyle proved more of a bane than a boon for our bodies because of how we adapted it. We spend most of our day hopping from one task to another without having time for ourselves. We are so busy running after financial satisfaction that we completely forget the machine doing everything for us, which is our body. There are many challenges, but the biggest one about today’s lifestyle is that we work more than ever, but our physical movement is very restricted. We spend the whole day in front of screens with almost no or minimal moment, leading to various problems.

The current sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health issues that may turn chronic over time. Some common problems are mental health issues like burnout, anxiety, and depression, while physical problems may include body pain, low energy, obesity, diabetes, etc. In the early stages, we tend to ignore the annoyance or inconvenience in our body and don’t take it seriously until it gets unbearable. It is crucial to understand that timely redressal of the health issues is very important because you don’t know what underlying disease may start spreading behind a simple headache on the surface. This article discusses one such bodily discomfort, i.e., shoulder pain, and how CBD pills can help provide relief. 

Know About CBD

CBD has become a magic drug for its users because it helps them with various mental and physical health issues. However, before we discuss how CBD may prove effective for shoulder pain, let us understand what CBD is. CBD is a chemical present in abundance in the cannabis plant and has non-psychoactive properties. The compound is known for relieving chronic pain, managing anxiety symptoms, helping control inflammation, etc. The Sativa plant has become popular among many users for its organic and potentially healthy recreational products. The Hemp extract is at the center of it all. 

One of the reasons for people’s excitement about CBD is that many people treat it as a natural cure and healthy supplement to various medicines. Numerous CBD products are available online and offline, such as pills, capsules, gummies, oils, vape pens, candies, etc. Each mode may slightly differ in the experience and effects, but all of them may provide benefits of CBD. Though not much is clear about whether it can replace a particular treatment or not, a lot of craze for CBD is only by word of mouth and individual experiences. 

Know About Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, as the name suggests, is any pain or discomfort in or around the shoulder joint. It is a common phenomenon because many people go through this daily. It is manageable in the early stages of pain but may turn chronic if not given timely attention. It usually happens when the rotator cuff tendons get inflamed or damaged because tendons become trapped under the bony area in the shoulder. Some of the causes of shoulder pain are-

  1. Wrong postures throughout the day
  2. Long sitting hours
  3. Arthritis
  4. Shoulder separation
  5. Exhaustion in muscles
  6. Nerve injury in shoulders
  7. Broken shoulder bone

Shoulder pain due to minor reasons like wrong postures or exhaustion is manageable by self-care, while serious causes like broken bones or separation require medical treatment. Some common remedies are ice therapy, giving rest to your shoulder, stretching exercise, practicing good posture, pain removal creams, or taking herbal medicines for pain relief. One such remedy is CBD pills which are detailed below.  

CBD For Shoulder Pain And Its Dosage

Many research and experiments show the promising result of CBD for pain relief. As per a 2017 report, CBD may relieve neuropathic pain, which may help with the shoulder pain caused by nerves. Another 2016 report concluded that it is helpful in pain caused due to arthritis but may have some side effects, which means shoulder pain caused by arthritis may get treated by CBD pills or ointments. Another research shows that CBD may relieve pain after a rotator cuff shoulder surgery. Users prefer using CBD for pain relief because they can avoid side effects caused by inflammatory drugs, and it does not have psychoactive properties like THC. CBD’s pain-relieving properties are that it interacts with our endocannabinoid system and manages inflammation, reducing painful sensations.

One of the crucial aspects of taking CBD for relief is its dosage. There is no correct dosage as it depends on a person’s age, habits, etc. But most users consider 40 mg to 60 mg daily as a safe dosage for pain relief. New users may start with as little as 2.5 mg twice daily and increase it in small amounts over time. It is advisable to take a low dosage and increase it weekly after observing its effects on your shoulder pain. You may know the amount of CBD a pill contains by going through the label and consuming it accordingly. 

It may look like a promising option for effective pain relief. Still, it is critical to highlight that no research guarantees its safety, and the FDA has not approved it as a treatment for shoulder or any other type of body pain. 


Minor shoulder pain is generally not fatal,  and you get relief through various remedies and self-care by-products like CBD. But in some cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor and not self-diagnose, like when your shoulder has swelling and redness, pain persists for more than two weeks, the blue color of the skin around the shoulder, etc.

Generally, CBD is tolerable by most users in moderate dosage, but it may have side effects like dry mouth, diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, etc., in high dosages. You may also feel adverse effects if you are a new user unaware of the dosage. Many users get relief from the pain by using CBD, but one should never take it as a cure or treatment because it is only a supplement. The first step is to research how it may react with your body and then consume it for pain in the shoulder or any other body part. 

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