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As technology continues to rule the world today, it can be considered easy to voice an opinion on popular television shows, and it happens every day. TV programs on medicine ascribe a specific position as patients to viewers. In the growing world of social media, everyone is a reporter, and their reporting methods are primarily reliable on platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok. Suppose there is a defect in the content of a popular television program among millions of people; it spreads like wildfire due to hashtags and link sharing. To avoid such misinformation, having a medical expert becomes an utmost necessity. Medical experts like Dr. Mark Stengler who has an experience of over 25 years in the field of medicine. 

Doctors have played a key role in writing the scripts for many television shows and movies. For years, medical shows have been popular among aspiring doctors. Medical television shows with medical subjects are just variations of television programming and sharing program styles. However, they have a specific relevance to medical practice when describing doctor and patient conduct. Dr. Mark Stengler has served on several TV shows as a medical expert. 

Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine, Stengler has been asked to be a medical expert on FOX, CBS, and NBC. He hosts his own popular weekly TV show called “Natural Healing with Mark Stengler,” which is aired on PBS and cable stations all across the nation. Stengler has made a name for himself in medicine for his approach to combining the best of traditional and natural healing methods to find imbalances and cure the root causes of various health conditions. 

He has also been involved in two PBS documentaries on natural medicine: “7 Steps to Perfect Health” and “Supercharge Your Immune System.” Stengler is a naturopathic medical practitioner, author, and presenter specializing in nutrition, herbal treatment, vitamin therapy, homeopathy, natural hormone replacement therapy, and integrative medicine. 

Stengler has been published in various medical publications, including The International Journal of Family & Community Medicine and others, as a result of his substantial and continuous work in the area of medicine. It goes without saying that the key to a healthy life lies in a balanced life, with proper eating habits, sufficient rest, and regular exercises to counteract the sedentary lifestyle of the modern world. 

In one of his transmissions, Stengler raised a question What’s robbing your health? In that transmission, Stengler shed a broader light on how daily life choices may affect health. He encouraged his patients to regain their vitality and youth naturally, anyone at any age. In addition, he also shared knowledge about having a high-energy life safely and naturally. His recommendations have helped most viewers achieve and maintain good memory, mood, and energy. 

He became the host of the Natural Healing TV Program in 2010, which aired on PBS, cable channels, and YouTube. The show centered on alternative medicine. A year later, in 2011, he hosted the show The A-Z Guide To Healing Yourself, which aired as a fundraiser on PBS stations. He has also hosted several radio programs and podcasts, including the nationally syndicated Forever Young Radio, for which he is still an expert. He began writing about medicine as the creator of the Health Revelations newsletter and Home Calls e-letters in 2015. Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Breakthroughs is his most recent newsletter. Prescription for Natural Cures, which he co-authored with James Balch MD, was a runaway success when it was released in 2004. 

He has a Master of Science in Human Biology. Dr. Stengler also holds a certificate from The Metabolic Medical Institute in Advanced Metabolic Endocrinology. Dr. Stengler is always on the lookout for learning new things to offer his patients the best possible treatment. As a result, his readers and patients benefit from the beneficial mix of contemporary technology and evidence-based natural medicines. Dr. Stengler also has a Master of Religious Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.

His passion for promoting natural medicines has earned him the moniker of “America’s Natural Doctor,” who fuses his training in conventional medicine with natural alternatives for a powerful combination of modern technologies and ancient therapies. Stengler splits his time between serving his patients in the clinic and through his Medical Television Show as a medical expert. As an author, He has published 30 books, including the best-selling Natural Cures in health food shops.

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