Rinat Akhmetov’s Unwavering Support: A Beacon of Hope for Ukraine Amid War

Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s most prominent businessman and philanthropist, has emerged as a beacon of support and resilience in the face of the ongoing attacks against Ukraine. Over the past two years, since the escalation of the full-scale invasion by Russia, Akhmetov, through his SCM Group, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, and FC Shakhtar football club, has directed more than 7.6 billion hryvnia (approximately $223 million) toward aiding Ukraine and its citizens. This substantial relief underscores a deep commitment to the nation’s defense, the well-being of its civilians, and the recovery of communities affected by the war.

The assistance provided spans a broad spectrum, focusing on backing the Armed Forces of Ukraine, delivering humanitarian aid to civilians, and specifically aiding the defenders of Mariupol. Akhmetov’s Steel Front military initiative plays a crucial role in this effort, highlighting the importance of equipping military units with essential supplies such as protective gear, vehicles, ambulances, drones, thermal imagers, and more. The initiative reflects a profound dedication to the Ukrainian army, evidenced by the fact that over 12,000 employees from SCM businesses have joined the armed forces, with the tragic loss of 846 colleagues.

“We will continue to aid the Ukrainian Army by constructing underground shelters, producing mine sweepers, and providing essential equipment and resources for saving lives,” declared Rinat Akhmetov. “Most importantly, we will persist in supporting the people — Ukrainian civilians affected by Russian aggression, the defenders of Mariupol who will continue to receive all the necessary support, and the veterans who have made it possible for us to live on our land, in a sovereign and independent Ukraine.

“Our assistance will not diminish until peace reigns over the skies of Ukraine once again. I am confident that together we will defeat the enemy and build a new, strong, and flourishing Ukraine.”

Aiding Mariupol’s Defenders

In addition to military aid, Akhmetov has launched the Heart of Azovstal project with an additional allocation of 1 billion hryvnia. This project is dedicated to the defenders of the coastal city of Mariupol, offering comprehensive programs that address the needs of these heroes and their families, including housing help for those with disabilities.

Humanitarian assistance remains a cornerstone of Akhmetov’s efforts, with regular aid provided to civilians in front-line and liberated areas. This includes the distribution of food packages, household items, medicines, and more. The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has been instrumental in this regard, having donated 700,000 medicines and over 13 million food packages to Ukrainians since the first Russian attacks in 2014.

FC Shakhtar, too, has been actively involved in providing aid, focusing on athletes, internally displaced persons, soldiers, and communities in war-affected regions. The club’s commitment extends to funding medical treatments abroad for wounded defenders and rehabilitation efforts for soldiers and their families.

The Role of SCM Group

The SCM Group’s comprehensive efforts during these challenging times are a testament to the role of private sector engagement in national crisis response. By combining immediate aid with long-term recovery projects, SCM offers a blueprint for how businesses can contribute to societal resilience in the face of adversity. Projects like the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Museum of Civilian Voices aim to document the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people, ensuring that future generations remember the sacrifices made for freedom.

As Ukraine continues to navigate through the war, the unwavering support from Rinat Akhmetov and the SCM Group stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity. Their actions reflect a deep-seated commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, the welfare of its people, and the future recovery of war-torn regions. In Akhmetov’s words, the goal is not just to win the war but to build a new, strong, and flourishing Ukraine, a vision he and his enterprises are dedicated to realizing.

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