The Best 5 Watch Bands to Fit an Oris Watch

A watchband is the most important component of a watch. It is what makes a wristwatch worth wearing. Without this band, you simply could be walking with a watch in the pocket. No wristwatches could be in existence. People would only dwell on dash clocks and desk clocks to check the time.

Many wristbands have been developed and designed specifically to hold and secure a watch. One mistake with the watchband and the whole watch is permanently destroyed. Also, people can’t be able to display the luxurious and fabulous features of their watches without watch bands. This article highlights the best five Oris watch bands.

5. Rios1931 Boston

The band is made and designed by German watch band developers, Rios1931. The company has the most sensible alligator decorated wrist band models. The designers have concentrated their technology on duplicating the features of typical crocodile skin. The Rios1931 Boston is an excellently cushioned, trapezoidal-shaped band rare to find in many current-day watch straps. One drawback of this band is its contrasting stitching, which gives it a more casual appearance. 

4. Premium Nato

The Nato band collections are available in different shapes, models, colors, and sizes. Anyone looking for their favorite Oris watchband can try the Premium line that is a bit gentle compared to normal Natos. The fascinating feature of these bands is their new colors that have been globally acknowledged. Premium Nato bands are mainly worn casually by individuals who need to show off their extravagance. 

3. JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan

Jean Paul Menicucci is a globally recognized designer. One of his accessories and watch bands that were introduced in WatchObsession is the JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan. The bands are luxurious handcrafted pieces of items carved from typical Horween Shell Cordovan. They are slim but comfortable to wear. Their slim feature makes them exceptional for long lugs. For a stunning look, the bands can be worn casually with a colorful shirt.

 2.  Hirsch James

A Hirsch James will never miss on the list of top watch bands. The bands are wholesomely awesome. They are available in black, gold, and brown colors. Each color can fit your Oris watch perfectly, but brown stands out. What is more captivating with Hirsh James is that it can be worn on any occasion. 

1.  Di-Modell Nevada

Di-Modell Nevada bands top the list. They give an Oris watch a charming appearance on the wrist. The bands are thick and look fantastic when completed with a flawless outfit. 


A watch band makes up the soul of a wristwatch. Many people prefer it for flair, but it also keeps the watch safe from damage and thieves. An example of a luxurious wristwatch that needs protection is the Oris. There are different types of Oris watch bands, but the Di-Modell Nevada, Hirsch James, JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan, Premium Nato, and Rios1931 Boston stand out. These 5 have the ability to totally transform a person’s belief in watches. 


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