The Phenomenon of the United States Agricultural Sector


The US agricultural sector performs one of the best results in the world. The industry complies with the needs of the population by meeting the demand. It corresponds to all the goods, except for some exotic fruits and vegetables. Export is a huge issue for the farmers. The US exports a huge share of products since the volume is more than 15% annually. Fruits and grain crops constitute the main items being exported each year. It is also noted that exports highly surpass imports.

United States Farming Industry: Old and Modern-Day Tendencies

However, the US allocates only 3% of the total budget to the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the amount of money decreases annually. In the previous decades, more than 6 million people were engaged in farming activities. Each of the farms possessed about 67 hectares of land. Today, we have about 2.2 million farms with more than 190 hectares of land.

The tendency is quite visible. The country has fewer farms but profit and productivity are on the rise. Due to the advent of new technologies, the country can use less Human Resources to ensure better results in the sector, improve the economy and provide for necessary products. What do the statistics say? We have about 1% of farming institutions that can ensure about 40% of the products. Doesn’t it sound impressive?

What helps the country meet the metrics, ensure great import and export opportunities and provide for fruitful results? The most vivid answer is the use of well-functioning modern-day technologies. It is crucial to make use of the latest trends on the market to compete with other manufacturers, stand out among the countries on the global market and provide for impressive results in the industry in general.

Metra Group Assistance in the US Agricultural Sector

Metra Group is a real phenomenon in the agricultural market. It has contributed to the Grain Farming Industry due to its flexible and progressive approach. The company is engaged in grain cleaners creation that makes the production of high-quality grains.

The history of the company traces back to 2014. First, the corporation offered its cleaners to farmlands. Then the success and proficiency of the company were acclaimed by other manufacturers. Therefore, they signed an impressive and promising contract with a global and well-known European manufacturer. In this way, high-quality and well-functioning equipment appeared on the market.

The equipment has been spread across the world. Such countries, like Canada, the USA, Mexico, Australia, and others. What is great about the equipment? First of all, experts admit its reliability. This is great for long-term use. The second reason is autonomy. The equipment can serve you for ages. It doesn’t feature old-fashioned mechanisms. Thus, it ensures better performance and more qualified results.

These days, the company is increasing its potential and growing technological capacities. It partners with giants of the agricultural sector and deals with huge networks all around the world with offices in different US states.

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