What Is 3PL Fulfillment for E-Commerce USA

Delivery of goods from other countries for business is a complex process. Many entrepreneurs use the services of so-called 3PL operators — intermediaries in the supply chain. What is the meaning of fulfillment for e-commerce USA, and what is the benefit to the business?

What Are 3PL Operators?

Third-Party Logistics Providers, or 3PLs, typically specialize in integrated transportation services, warehousing, and delivery quality control. The list of services is different for everyone, depending on the scale of the business, the volume of delivery, the desired timing, and other criteria, so each cooperation has unique conditions.

USA fulfillment services often go beyond logistics and include other services related to proceeding orders: warehousing, accounting, work with returns, packaging, and international delivery.

What Are the Main Functions of Fulfillment for E-Commerce USA?

In addition to consultations on how 3PL works and how to connect this service, operators provide several other valuable features for business:

  • Packaging and shipping.
  • Cargo quoting.
  • Financial calculation.
  • Audit.
  • Tracking.
  • Customer support.
  • Problem resolution.

Each ecommerce fulfillment company includes freight forwarders, courier companies, and others integrating and subcontracting logistics and transportation services and functions as a single organism.

Why Is Cooperation with Meest 3PL Beneficial?

There are many benefits to using the Meest order fulfillment service you can find at us.meest.com:

  • Price drop. Meest offers a flexible pricing system. You can order the package of services or choose the points your business needs at the particular development stage.
  • High-quality service. Using a Meest operator with many years of experience in international delivery allows you to organize fast delivery, regardless of where the order is sent.
  • Risk reduction. Delivery delays can occur for several reasons. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, 3PL is responsible for taking alternative measures to fulfill your orders as soon as possible.
  • Solve additional logistics issues. International delivery supposes handling documentation, customs, and other problems that might arise by crossing the borders.

If you are starting to organize international deliveries, find a company that can take care of your logistics. Fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping come with many risks, so outsourcing them to experts can make a real difference to your job.

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