What to Bring to a Gender Reveal Party: Gift Ideas for Expecting Parents

Are you attending a gender reveal party soon and wondering what gift to bring? You want to make sure that the expecting parents are happy with your gift, but at the same time, you don’t want to break the bank. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we have compiled a list of practical and creative gift ideas for you to choose from for the upcoming gender reveal party. Whether you’re looking for something for the mom-to-be or something unisex, we’ve got suggestions that will suit every taste and budget. So, read on and get ready to impress everyone with your thoughtful gift at the party!

Gender Reveal Party Gifts – A Guide for Guests

As a guest at a gender reveal party, it’s essential to bring a gift that celebrates the exciting news of a new addition to the family. Practical gifts such as nappy bags, nursing pillows, and baby carriers are excellent options that will make life easier for the new parents. Alternatively, creative gifts like personalised onesies or photo frames can be cherished for years to come. Whatever you choose, showing your love and support with a thoughtful gift and congratulatory card will undoubtedly brighten the expecting parents’ day.

Practical Gender Reveal Gifts

New parents often appreciate practical and useful gifts for their newborns. When it comes to gender reveal parties, gifting practical items such as baby clothes, nappies, and wipes is a great way to show your love and support. Personalised gifts like blankets or onesies can add a special touch to an otherwise simple gift. Additionally, gift cards to baby stores or online retailers can also be a thoughtful and convenient option for parents who still need to stock up on essentials. If you’re unsure what to get, consider asking the expecting parents if they have a registry or any specific needs or wishes.

Creative Gender Reveal Gifts

When it comes to gender reveal parties, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. If you’re looking for a unique and creative option, consider personalised items such as onesies or blankets with the baby’s name or initials. These thoughtful gifts will not only make the parents feel special but also serve as cherished keepsakes for years to come. Another fun and interactive gift is a gender reveal scratch-off card that adds an exciting element to the party and doubles as a memento of the big reveal. Whatever your choice, make sure to put some thought into it and show your support for the happy couple.

Gender Reveal Gifts for the Mum-To-Be

Selecting the perfect gender reveal gift for the mum-to-be can be a tricky task. This is why it’s important to consider her interests and preferences when selecting a gift. Gifts that help her relax, like candles or bath bombs, can be an excellent choice. Personalised items, such as a customised onesie or baby blanket, can also make a special and sentimental gift. Additionally, consider gifting certificates for prenatal massages or baby photography sessions to show your support and care for the expecting mother during this important time. The possibilities are endless; choose something that lets her know you’re thinking of her during this exciting journey.

Unisex Gender Reveal Gifts

When it comes to selecting a gift for a gender reveal party, unisex options are a safe bet. These gifts are versatile and can be used regardless of the baby’s gender. A soft and cozy blanket or stuffed animal is a great option that parents will appreciate, as well as practical items such as nappy bags or nursing pillows. Consider adding a personal touch by monogramming the gift with the baby’s name or initials. Another great unisex gift option is books — both parents and babies will enjoy them, and they’re an excellent way to encourage early literacy skills in children.

Gender Reveal Party Favours

Gender reveal party favours are an excellent way to thank guests and add to the joy of the event. Personalised cookies or cupcakes, mini bottles of champagne or sparkling cider, and small gift bags filled with candy or confetti poppers are popular gender reveal party favour options. When selecting favours, consider matching them with the theme or colours of the event. Additionally, if you have a creative side, you can make DIY favours such as decorated candles or customised keychains. These thoughtful gestures will leave a lasting impression on your guests and provide them with a fun keepsake to remember the special occasion.


In conclusion, a gender reveal party is a special event for expecting parents that calls for unique and thoughtful gifts to celebrate the occasion. Whether you opt for practical or creative gift ideas, make sure it caters to the parents’ preferences and needs. Show your support and love with a gift that will be cherished by the family forever. Lastly, don’t forget to thank your guests with gender reveal party favours that are fun and festive! For more ideas on what to bring to a gender reveal party, check out our comprehensive guide.

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