Global Security Strategies In The 21st Century

The education of members of public information services, secret spy services, and very experienced officers is set to accomplish very important tasks in creating wars from a distance at zero costs; we can distinguish between 4 war generations, namely:
– the first generation, fighting with cold weapons, cavalry war;
– the second generation, fighting with firearms, the generation of bravery and cowardice;
– the third generation, fighting and exterminating by using nuclear weapons; in such a war, the coward acts first;
– the fourth generation, letting the enemy fight itself, by using the fifth column, traitors and spies, by investing in intellectual, religious, tribal, and regional conflicts, or cumulating them.
The fourth war generation: now the West fights with zero costs. The enemy kills itself. The enemy pays for the weapon. And demands intervention. We don’t accept it.
Zero costs means that the hosts don’t lose anything in war. And we must face our intellectual awareness. Wars of the fourth generation rely on creating failed states. This objective is accomplished by:
1. creating a conflict of ideas, for example a sectarian, racial, or an ideological conflict, as well as various disputes;
2. isolating a part of the state and destroying it, so that it is not controlled by that state;
3. creating an army of malevolent people in that country, turning it into a killing device devoid of mercy or doubt, into a substitute for an invading army;
4. using culture as a weapon upon the uneducated children and ignorant youth, so that an entire generation is saturated with a culture of murder and destruction instead of a culture of construction, reconstruction, and urbanization.
Finally, by creating a failed state, that state is easy to control and subject to any decision.

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