Romania, the ally of the United States facing new international challenges and threats

The Deveselu shield has been for a long time the target of belicose statements coming from the East.

But no one knew in 2013 that Iran could be the next strategic attack target for the USA’s political and military leadership.

It is all part of a plan laid out at a congress in Switzerland in 1987, with participants from the USA and Israel, and where a geopolitical recomposition of the world was convened.

During the talks at the aforementioned congress, undertaking actions against the European Union and contesting any European construction centered around Germany were mentioned.

At the same time, destabilizing the Middle East and Turkey is part of the plan to destabilize the European Union and ensure US supremacy. Islam, whose main vehicle is Iran, is viewed through the lens of Huntington’s theory as a system opposed to globalism and a risk factor towards globalism.

By globalism we mean not only corporations, but any form of world government based on imposing certain values.

On the other hand, the stakes are much higher and at the same time more pragmatic: Europe and Asia are dependent upon Iran for energy. Not only oil with its diminishing reserves, but also gas with important reserves.

The clear position of the United States, claiming that the Deveselu shield has a defensive purpose and is not aimed at Russia, but at Iranian threats instead, might well reflect reality.

And that because the new president Donald Trump did not hesitate to invoke a military intervention in Iran, a personal promise to Benjamin Netanyahu made in the context of cancelling the USA-Iran deal agreed upon during the Obama administration and considered damaging to national security. Moreover, naming “Mad Dog” (General James Mattis) as chief of Defense is aimed at this purpose. Therefore, the Deveselu shield will not be dismantled, as some believe, but used according to the plan as it was described by the USA.


DESTABILIZING TURKEY IS A NEW THREAT FOR THE BALKANS. In any case, the assasination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara is part of a larger plan aiming first at the entry of Turkey in a new area of influence directed first and foremost against the European Union.

In case of a war initiated by the US against Iran, Turkey would be the USA’s new strategic regional ally against Iran; as the outflow of illegal Arab immigration in Europe continues, the premises are set for a strong economic and security crisis of the European Union which would speed up its end, especially in the context of some countries deciding their own Brexit.

The alert in intelligence milieus is tied to the area of the Near and Middle East which remains the center for catalizing events that could change the European and world maps.

Russia will agree to the US military intervention in Iran, as it is itself competing with the European Union, not the mention the desire for vengeance because of economic sanctions, but it could at any time change sides if the US do not make concessions, for example, regarding China or the way in which Russia is co-opted in the fight against terrorism and ISIS.

Romania could face an Islamic threat from Turkey and Iran. Both Russia and Turkey will play at both ends. Their interest will be the islamization of Europe and creating a EU superstate according to Anglo-American plans. The risk that nuclear weapons are used or that they are acquired by terrorist forces following the destabilization of Iran is very high.

Europe will divide itself in two regions: Euro-America and Euro-Asia. It is upon Romania to decide the area of influence it wants to belong to.

During the Trump-Putin summit the Iranian threat was discussed. The two parties agreed to keep the discussions secret.

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