Hector Villegas trying to clean Tijuana

Reporting by Kenji W. & Jaime Ortega.

Photo by Kenji W.

As General Director of Police and Traffic of Tijuana, the security specialist Héctor Villegas Barquero was appointed. The new municipal command has extensive experience in the development and application of preventive, investigative and intelligence strategies in the fight against crime. He is an expert in criminal profiling, application of polygraphic tests, investigation and risk analysis in order to avoid the commission of crimes, based on reports of criminal incidence.

“What most urged us was the replacement of territorial commands, there was a replacement in most of district chiefs, district deputy chiefs, inspectors; if there are some of them that require a research folder, there is certainty that there will be, ”he explained to The Daily Journalist.

“The decision on the changes, he explained, is aimed at obtaining short and medium-term results in reducing the crime rate.” Radical problems, radical solutions, we are going to continue doing the same, but different results are wanted, “he said.

Since 2001 he has stood out for his leadership in the business sector in the field of private security as director of Servicop, being a contributor to public security in Baja California, working hand in hand and coordinating with municipal and state authorities for more than 20 years. In 2005, at the head of the Opalo System, he became a promoter for the application of control and trust tests in the private sector, in order to prevent crimes such as theft, fraud, breach of trust, among other crimes.

Photo by Kenji W.

Héctor Villegas Barquero has a degree in business administration from the Tijuana University Center (CUT), has a diploma in Public Security from Cetys University, courses and national and international certifications on security and human rights.

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