China Is The United States Real Target In The North Korean Dispute

By Sebastian Sarbu.

The real reason for the tensions in ASIA is the economic competition and confrontation between the Euro-Asian and the Euro-American blocks.

The United States are sure to gain, economically and financially, from maintaining the tensions with North Korea.

However, nuclear or military war is far from being initiated. The reason is that the United States have to settle earlier disputes with China and the so-called partnership with China alongside various commercial sanctions keep China in geopolitical and economic stalemate, thus rendering impossible a proportional reaction.

The United States have started an economic war with China, and North Korea is the pretense for commercial sanctions imposed on Beijing and, naturally, for shifting the focus away from the true economic objectives. On the other hand, even a conflict with North Korea would ensure that ASIA capitulates in the face of an increasingly stronger American economic rise.

Why is North Korea seen as a greater threat than Iran to the United States?

The answer is simple. In the Trump Era, threats are no longer evaluated from a “challenge to security” perspective, or by taking into account human rights or democracy. Instead of ideological enemies, America now has economic enemies.

By taking into account the shift of America’s strategic interests towards the economic sphere, Trump puts forward the scenario of a war with North Korea, knowing that he thus threatens not only China’s economy, but also the economy of the European Union, the real strategic enemies of America. This would not have been the case with Iran and it allows for the accomplishment of two objectives in one blow.

We must also consider the bizarre statement of the French Defense Minister, who claimed recently that North Korean missiles threaten the EU, which would imply that the EU should adopt sanctions against North Korea.

This proves that the EU realizes what strategic game the USA are playing and that it wants to play a part in this crisis.

To conclude, the USA’s economic trends might dictate a military intervention in North Korea, but the true target is China, as well as the European Union, an indirect target, as the EU is an economic rival of the United States.

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