A Few Examples of Modern German Expansionism

Demonstration in East Berlin on 4 November 1989

Historically, the Ottoman empire had heavy weapons. Turkey is called Asia Minor, Western Asia, and Anatolia. Turkey has enough land so that large weapons can be built and stored there. In the modern age there are accounts about missile defense systems in Turkey. During the Cold War there were missiles in Turkey. Ankara is the capital of Turkey. During World War I, Turkey and Germany were allies. Of course, what is sometimes called the Armenian Genocide happened during the First World War.

Lviv, Ukraine is near the border with Poland. During World War II there was a battle for Lviv. Recently, German and Polish defense contractors might have crossed the border into Ukraine. If so, it might be because of NATO. Maybe Berlin and Warsaw believe NATO wants them to oppose Moscow by way of Ukraine.

The German army seems to maintain airbases in Turkey and there seem to be German defense contractors in Ukraine. They leave Germany and cross into Poland. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and Gdansk is a port on the Baltic Sea. The Gulf of Danzig is in northern Poland.

Bosnia trades in mark. East Germany traded in East German mark and West Germany traded in West German mark. The German government might believe they are allowed to trade generally through Bosnian ports. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia.

These all might be modern examples of German expansionism. Berlin is a member of NATO and the European Union. These groups might have emboldened the Germans to expand beyond their borders. In the Balkans this might mean trade through the ports, in Turkey it might mean airbases, and in Ukraine it might mean defense contractors.

The news has reported in recent months about right wingers within the German police. Occasionally there are reports of incidents involving right wingers. In Ukraine there are German immigrants. The Germans might simply have crossed into Ukraine believing they’re allowed to do this as members of NATO. Radio signals might be sent between Berlin and Kiev. The newspaper has been reporting on how the Ukrainian army learns to operate anti-tank weapons.

The anti-tank weapons might be German-made. The Germans might additionally train the Ukrainians how to use them by way of defense contractors. The East Germans spoke Russian. It seems possible German defense contractors have learned to speak Ukrainian, or the Ukrainians have learned to speak German for the purposes of a military dialogue. This week the Russian news reported on joint operations between the Moscow and Minsk. The Germans might routinely have joint operations with Kiev.

Roughly half of Germany was East Germany. What is the German army doing in the modern age? How about the German security services? There are accounts about inflation in Bulgaria. Maybe there is inflation in proximity to what was East Germany. During blitzkrieg, both Minsk and Kiev fell to German tanks. Warsaw had already surrendered. Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus are large countries between Germany and Russia. This land is sometimes fiercely contested. There should be efforts to monitor the German army and German defense contractors.

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