German Outposts in Libya, Yesterday and Today

United Nations Map of Libya, with cities, roads, and the current twenty-two Districts or Shabiyah of Libya.

The German army seems to test, build, and export weaponry. They used to test warplanes in Libya. The deserts in Libya are gigantic. Tensions right now seem to be between Belgrade and Pristina in the south and then Minsk and Warsaw in the north. Those cities sit on what was known in the twentieth century as the Eastern Front.

Dresden, Germany used to have dive bomber training schools. Lubeck, Germany is a port near Poland. Gdansk, Poland sits near the Gulf of Danzig. It is possible that the German military sends weaponry south to Libya from either ports in the Balkans or from Lubeck in the north. There are questions about German air bases in Turkey and Kosovo. Airbases in Kosovo might manage regional trade.

The modern German military might test weapons in North Africa. During the 1930’s the Germans tested warplanes in the Libyan Desert. The border between Libya and Chad as well as the border between Libya and Egypt is desert. Erwin Rommel mentioned in his writings that German scientists would set up bases in North Africa to test warplanes. Swedish military officers were said to have witnessed the aerial tests. The warplanes were the Stukas which were German dive bombers that targeted cities in the Lowlands as well as in Russia. ‘Stuka Pilot’ is a memoir written by Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

The Eastern Front spans from Scandinavia to the Balkans. Scandinavia includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The Balkans include several countries in Southeast Europe such as Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Both Albania and Bosnia have coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Tirana is the capital of Albania. Albania is known to have high quality railroads in addition to its strategic ports. Durres, Albania is a port on the Adriatic Sea.

Bosnia trades in Bosnian mark. During the Cold War, East Germany traded in East German mark and West Germany traded in West German mark. In some cases, East German mark was worth a fourth of West German mark. Neum, Bosnia sits on the Adriatic Sea. Today, 1 USD is equal to 1.7 Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark.  

This week there are reports about tensions between Belgrade, Serbia and Pristina, Kosovo. The Germans might be trying to trade through the ports in Bosnia and Albania. Moreover, airbases in Kosovo might be assisting the Germans to test weapons in North Africa. Benghazi and Tripoli are Libyan ports on the Mediterranean Sea. The concern is that weapons are traded through Bosnia and Albania on the European side of the Mediterranean Sea, and they are sent south to Benghazi and Tripoli in Libya.

The extent to which a modern Germany exports and tests weapons isn’t well understood. It might be a sizable portion of German exports that they build and test weapons. Additionally, there are reports about Minsk, Belarus and Warsaw, Poland. The Polish military has sent soldiers to the border with Belarus. Minsk and Moscow trade in ruble. The Germans might export police radios to Minsk and army radios to Warsaw. Lviv, Ukraine is near the border with Poland. During World War II there was a famous battle in Lviv. In the modern age, there are suggestions that Lviv serves as a regional hub for labor unions. Lubeck might serve as a regional hub for naval vessels.

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