Will Elites Always Have It Their Way?

Fraud is an issue that concerns citizens in The United States. Unfortunately, greed itself is not considered fraud, nor is it prosecuted by the  Justice’s Department Criminal Division. After the bailout of 2008, its is believed that the Criminal Division may have intentionally flack to conduct a serious investigation on Wall Street  C.E.O. bankers, for reasons still unclear for many who seek justice.  Elizabeth Ann Warren is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party. Warren was previously a Harvard Law School professor specializing in bankruptcy law. In the video bellow, she raises the important question. Are too big to fail banks, immune to further prosecution restrains? What stops the U.S. Justice Department from investigating fraud at major levels, but positively edict minor felonies without hiding behind a silk curtain?  Will elites always be favored as natural winners, even at the cost of greed and economic corruption?

 Video by the Huff-Post


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